Selling  Android and iOS  Average MSF account 3.5 Mil TCP. (perfect for new players, and perfect for raids!) 6 red star Minn unlocked!

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    Account: MBM4LIFE PID: 12106271
    Account linked to a unused Facebook Account
    Asking Price: $225.00 USD

    Highlights: Lv. 75 TCP: 3.5 Mil 7.1 Gold saved 1542 Power Cores saved
    120/124 Characters Unlocked
    Missing Characters: BlackBolt, Yoyo, Crystal, & Karnak
    T3 Abilities saved: 6076 T4 Abilities saved: 130
    Log in days: 570 (this profile was started a little over 2 months after launch)
    Dark Dimension 1 & 2 COMPLETE!!!!
    5 Star Red Star Characters: 16
    6 Star Red Star Characters: 1 < Minn-Erva******
    Elite 4 Star Credits: 3825/5000
    Elite 5 Star Credits: 1750/5000
    Elite 6 Star Credits: 600/5000

    Legendry's Unlocked: Star Lord, Phoenix, Nick Fury, Shuri, Magneto, Ironman, Invisible Woman
    Unfarmable's Unlocked: Minn-Erva, Captain Marvel, Ultron, Black Widow, Colossus, Namor, Rescue, Hulk, Elsa, Ghost Rider, Coulson, Ultimus, Mr. Sinister, Graviton, Stryfe, Heimdall, & Siff