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    - Discord: Hades#8176

    High end account. 5 years old and active in all playerup, having almost all of the past content done and only missing some of the most recent ones. I received all the nightwave rewards up to now, except for the intermissions. Has around 3k (2965) hours played.

    In-game content owned:

    - Syandanas: missing 9 out of the ones you can purchase with play. Have Sciathin, Pyra Prime, Misa Prime, Noru Prime and Repala, Pakal set included. Also have the syandanas from 4 syndicates except Arbiters and Cephalon Suda

    - Accessories: own almost all of them except for six sets. Also own Targis Prime and Umbra Armor

    - Sigils: have almost all sigils in-game, missing own a few from Cephalon Suda and Arbiters. I have blood sigil from garuda bundle also

    - Color plates: Own all of the in-game color plates. Except for Gamma.

    - Warframes: 64 warframes in total, both prime and none prime. 24 Prime warframes in total. Missing Hildryn, Grendel, Gauss, Atlas Prime and Ivara Prime. All warframes have a reactor

    - Deluxe Warframe Bundles / Skins: Have all bundles except for 3, last three to be more precises.

    - Primary Weapons: 114 owned out of 128. Out of which 7 are kuva weapons that are missing. Have all wraith, prisma and vandal weapons except braton vandal. Over 50% have catalyst

    - Secondary Weapons: 97 owned out of 110. Out of which 4 are kuva weapons and all kitguns that are missing. Have all wraith, prisma and vandal weapons. Over 50% have catalyst

    - Melee weapons: 140 out of 162. Out of which all the zaws are missing and sigma and octanis. Have all wraith, prisma and vandal weapons, including sheev. Over 50% have catalyst

    - Kubrow / Kavat: Have all kubrow and kavats, helmith in both forms and also a huge sunika(old style). Missing Vasca Kavat. Almost all have reactor

    - Sentinels: All sentinels prime and none prime except for deth cube. All their weapons also except for deth cube one. All of the moa missing. All sentinels have reactor

    - Archwing: All owned. All have reactor

    - Arch melee: All owned. All have catalyst

    - Arch gun: All owned except Kuva Ayanga and Larkspur. All have catalyst

    - Amps: 3 out of 9. Missing all from Fortuna and 2 from Cetus. All owned are gilded

    - Mods: 15 Primed mods, sacrifical almost all maxed out. 11 Rivens

    - Challenges: 185 / 204 completed.

    - Own many of the old relics from back when they were turned from tower keys. Around 40 of each and some of the rare ones also.

    A lot of other in-game shop items are already owned, but it would make quite a list to start counting around 70% of the shop items xD If there is anything you are interested it you can asked away. But most of the old content up to recent days i already own since i bought almost everything from the shop xD along with 4 prime access.
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