Selling  North America  PC  MR 25 (mr 25) Warframe Account with 110k+ platinum (all primes)

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    - Warframe account with safe platinum as all were acquired through trading (i can show proof of trades over discord)

    - 15k+ already invested into skins/decorations/bundles or forma (anything that i don't already own/things you want can be easily bought with my plat count)

    - all arcanes owned and maxed

    - i have all the prime items/frames that are currently available max leveled

    - some perfect/near perfect rivens laying around

    - star chart 100% cleared

    - 3 max syndicates (you are unable to have more than 3)

    - 170+ weapons ready to be used

    - 40+ warframes ready to be used

    - i am the original owner of this account

    - Can teach you anything about the game if needed including info about the game market(or riven market incase you want to buy a certain item but don't want to be scammed)

    for privacy reasons i will not post any screenshots here but please message me on discord if you are interested or want to know more about the account

    discord: saguha#6384