MMORPGC Transition to Dao

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    I started off with Everquest back in the day when it was prety new and played for years. I ended up in the top guild on the server, and after month after month of 5 day/week raiding, got a little burnt out. I took a break and started playing Battlefield 2 with some friends and loved it, until the hackers took over and killed the fun. After some time in Iraq, I returned home and started WoW.( [COLOR=#FF0000<span style=]span> span>[/COLOR] )Enjoyed it, sorta, but didn't have as good a time due to no real life friends playing, so dropped that as well. I spent the next few months bouncing between Eve Online and Battlefield 2142. When the launch of LoTRo came,( [COLOR=#FF0000<span style=]span> span>[/COLOR]
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.