Mission runner (Golem pilot, skilling ishtar) 16M Sp

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    Hi all, Selling Eve online mission runner Abstract: Is a mission runner, can fly a T2 fitted golem, has decent skill in missile, shield tanking, elettronic, enginering, and navigation, but anything awesome. Decent learning too, and some useful skill in social. However, is fully capable to flight a Golem. Has acces to Caldari navy lvl 4 mission. Now skilling to fly an ishtar (has sentry T2, skilling galletne cruiser to V in 6 day). Provided with a faction fitted golem, worth about 2B, some other ships (a drake and something else), and a +3 implants set. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT an all around characther, nor it is good for pvp (he miss some important skill in navigation and elettronics). It is a focused charachter meaned to get a mission, jump on a golem, finish the mission fast, and get decent reward from it, and he can do this very well. If you are aiming to anything else, look somewhere else or be prepared to some skilling Asking price: 220$ with assets, 140$ without assets. Payment method and conditions: Only paypal is accepted, and only as gift (but before i will send api key of the characther). If payment is not sended as gift, i will send money back (and you will lose the money papypal take for two transaction p>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.