Selling MineCraft FA Account With HCF Ranks and Great stats and hypixel

Discussion in 'Minecraft Accounts for Sale - Buy MC Account' started by TitanX159, 6/1/17.

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    MineCraft FA Account With ranks and stats and hypixel
    Welcome to my thread today i will be selling my account named : KfirZ
    This is what it contains :
    HCF Ranks :

    Minehq : Highroller (250$) - this rank is the highest rank in minehq it will provide you with 30 lives and the shortest deadban that there is outthere, it will also give you the top queue priority so you wotn be waiting in the queue no longer, minehq is also the best HCF Server there is outthere so i would highely recommend trying it.

    FaithfulMC : Ruby (110$) - this rank will provide you keys on SOTW which will you give you amazing lot and this rank will also let you revive your self alot of time ! this server is the second best server i would say

    VeltHCF : Suprive (85$) - this rank will provide you keys and will grant you lives aswell this server is not top 3 at my opinion but it is a fun server !

    Hypixel : MVP i will explain which mini games stats i won, i mainly focused on Mega walls but i have some great skywars and UHC Stats !

    For some reason i cant post too much images so for extra information of the hypixel stats you will have to visit the site plancke and just tyope my nake - KfirZ

    Skype : [email protected]

    BIN : N/A i havent decided yet.
    BID : N/A i havent decided yet.

    This is mainley an HCF account but the mega walls and uhc and skywars stats are amazing too so it is an overall great account.
Thread Status:
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