Selling  Android  Average Melina, Mariel, Lokido, Stukiha all 5* (Ver 1.6.100) Android/English

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    Main Story questline: Ongoing Chapter 31: Snake Liver Damaku: The Dragon God's Blessing.
    Completed 30 chapter.
    Completed Two Knight and Holy Sword Episode.
    Still have Star Dream Encounter.
    Total 65 Heroes.

    I only show heroes i often use and i know they're strong.

    Heroes list: Name | Class | Star | Status Upgrade | Level | Equipment | Accessory | Quest | (Stance/Element)
    - 5 Star:
    Melina | Mal'akh | 5* Full Upgraded | Lvl.68 | Hammer lvl.48 ATK130/M.ATK 95 | Bracelet lvl.55 def152/M.def135 | Quest completed (Blunt/Water)

    Mariel | Hierophant | 5* Full Upgraded | Lvl.67 | Staff lvl.52 Magic 147 | Repent Ring lvl.55 def123/m.def152 | Quest completed (Blunt/Water), Mariel and Melina can Limitbreak combo

    Lokido | Titan | 5* Full Upgraded | Lvl.68 | Knuck lvl.52 ATK144/M.ATK 24 | Grief Necklace def 137/M.def 137 | Quest completed (Blunt/Earth), Lokido and Felmina can Limitbreak combo

    Tsukiha | Murasame | 5* Full Upgraded | Lvl.38 (She is new hero, i just got and leveling her) using katana. (Clash/Fire)

    - 4 Star can upgrade to 5 Star if have material:
    Felmina | Assasin's Fist | 4/5* | Lvl.60 | Hammer Gloves lvl.48 ATK144/Magic 24 | Ongoing to 5star 80% (Blunt/Wind)
    Ewan (Blunt/Fire)
    Miyu (Clash/Fire)

    Strategic planning: As you see my account very strong Blunt Attack.
    Main team when boss:
    Frontline: Melina, Lokido, Ciel, Mariel | Support: Felmina and ??? depend on you.
    ---> when start battle
    Ciel use Elemental Song to buff resist all party 30% (5turn) and use Heart Break skill to debuff boss -20% Power
    Melina is Blunt type, her weapon is hammer >> use Mana Drench single enemy (XL Damage) and debuff boss -20% Phys Resist
    Lokido is Blunt type, his weapon is Knuck >> use Demonic Smash (XL dmg) and debuff boss -25% Blunt Resist
    Mariel heal all party use Pure Cradle >> 1500~1600 HP all party member and regen 400~500HP per turn (regen 3turn) or Restore all statuses like poison, sleep .v...v.. by Cure leaf skill, its also heal HP all party too.
    keep stock up limit gauge bar, when Limit Break ready ! Swap Ciel to support and pick Felmina to Frontline, set up debuff boss again Melina -20%PhysDef, Lokido -25%Blunt Res, Felmina -25%Blunt Res (skill Dual Moon stack able with Lokido skill, total -50% Blunt Res on boss) and buff damage up Melina use Affluent Surge (skill water type blunt atk XL and buff 30% Power all party), Felmina use Venom Blade (Slash atk and buff Power 15% on user).

    If you interested inbox me here or contact me on discord: FaintPC#2608
    I will answer all question and feel free drop me an offer.
    This account clean and not linked any social media. Android/English.