Selling Max lvl account. 54 bil might, top 3 alliance

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    5 cities
    All cities rune crafted to max
    All heroes in all citites are level 250 in first city all heroes have gems and are geared with legendary
    16 level 8s, bunch of sevens, tons of sixes. Colored gems as well.
    Mithril still on account
    25 Tauriels tokens and 92 Galadriels tokens
    Tons of boxed might
    All skills unlocked and in city one all heroes have skills upgraded between 3 and 5.
    Have scrolls for further upgrading
    Legendary gear in inventory both level 1s and 2s
    Over 30k Crimson crystals for up grading gear
    Hobbit rune crafters 3k
    Dwarf picks over 3k

    Have spent well over 5k as is evident we spent quite a bit as an alliance to get all the alliance bonus gear/skills/ promotions.

    I've enjoyed my time on KOM but have no time left and hate to just 'garbage the account'

    Asking $750 or best offer.
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