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    55 Cleric Full 40 Elite Gear +11 and 12 and full 50 Elite +15 on Vaz 700$1z1zHello looking to sell my Cleric she has Full 40 Elite pvp Set all +11 and 12 Full 50 Elite set all +15 50 Elite Shield +15 50 Elite Mace +14 Full Fenris Full Anuhart Maxxed Aether and Essence Tapping This char has everything and more that you want and more. Please contact me through the site if you interested.
    55 Cleric Vaizel NA
    55 Gladi PVP +10 gear1z1zLooking to sell my aion account as I don't have time to play anymore 40 elite pvp gear +10 all. Eternal earring 40mill kinah 100k ap Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Offer away
    60 lvl Sorcerer Ap gear Spatalos Elyos
    Aion - gear - armor - weapons- and more!1z1zGame Seller Pros - Your ONLY Source for FULL Professional Custom Work in MMOs is your #1 source for everything Aion!!! We are a 100% legit American company, doing business for over 6 years! We have Abyss Points, Full Suits of Armor, Tradeskill Leveling, Power Leveling, Normal Weapons, Elite Weapons, Kinah, and MORE! Visit Game Seller Pros - Your ONLY Source for FULL Professional Custom Work in MMOs
    Aion acc1z1zbiete mein aion acc --- nein is nix besonderes brauche nen steam css acc ? oder nur den key langt auch meldet euch ... icq 76683026
    AION Account to Sell-Buy1z1zwelcome topgameaccount!we are devoting to game accounts exchanges,such as WOW,WOW-EU,FFXI,Lineage2,AION,Star Wars Galaxies,Lord of The Rings Online ect. good and cheap AION Accounts ://topgameaccount/Aion/b...meaccount.html
    Aion CN-Sorcerer1z1zSelling Elysian Sorcerer account for Chinese Aion, Region 2 Azriel. The character is level 43, 32M Kinah and a plethora of other items. Sewing is at 399 with the Expert quest started. Has gold level 45 weapon. Currently rank 5. If you are interested in this account please let me know through private message. I can take screen shots if you want as well as answer any questions. Thanks. Best offer as well, not for trade for another account.
    Aion EU Acc bis 5. April ( 1 2)
    Aion EU pre-order account 20 Templar/19 Spiritmaster1z1zWell as the topic says I have a pre-order account I wont be using anymore. The game is not what I expected and therefor im going to let it go. I am the original and only owner of this account, it also contains the pre-order items including. -------------------------------------------------- 5x exp boost scrolls for every new char you make 1x Black Traders Hat 1x Resist Ring (from inventory) with clicky earth ring effect. -------------------------------------------------- I want 20$ for this account, and will accept payment to my Paypal that is verified since two years back. Post here before contacting me.
    Aion Kinah (~10kk)1z1zEine/n schöne/n gute/n Abend/Nacht/Morgen (was auch immer wir gerade haben) Ich hätte für den Server Votan ca. 10kk (10 Mio) Kinah zum verkaufen oder zum tauschen für den Server Lephar. Ob es genau 10kk sind muss ich schauen, aber bestimmt +,- 2kk Ich habe nun auf einem anderen Server angefangen und brauche das Kinah auf Votan nicht mehr, deswegen der Verkauf. Bei interesse meldet euch bitte per PM, ich lade euch dann auf einem TeamSpeak ein, wo wir dann gemeinsam den Preis vereinbaren. mfg ThePopel
    Aion on newegg for $27, free shippiong
    AIONEU Assassin Full Eternal Besh&Miragent
    AP Geared SM + Twink Glad Perento ( 1 2)
    AP Trade (EU)
    Asmo glad on Israphel (US)
    Asmodian Assassin Lv35 Kromede1z1zHallo zusammen! Aus Zeitmangel muss ich mich leider von meinem geliebten Assassin trennen und biete hiermit meinen Aion Collectors-Edition-Account zum Verkauf. Zum Account: Hauptcharakter: LVL 35 Assassin, Asmodier auf dem Server Kromede. Der Charakter hat einen guten Namen und ist auf dem Server niemals negativ aufgefallen. Mit diesem Charakter werden Sie sowohl in PvE (Solo & Gruppe) und im PvP sehr gut zurechtkommen und aufgrund des massiven Schadens ein sehr gern gesehener Gast bei Gruppen / Raids sein. Top Ausrüstung (alles blaue Items lvl33-35,fast nur grüne Mansteine ausgerüstet. Der Account ist bis zum 16. Dezember bezahlt! Das Inventar ist auf 3 volle Würfel geupdatet. Auf der Bank ist auch sehr viel Platz vorhanden + sie ist gefüllt mit hohen Materialien aller Art, grünen Manasteinen etc. Es sind Amulette auf dem Account welche die Erfahrung erhöhen. (aktuell noch 7 auf der Bank + 4 sind wieder zuweisbar durch die Dauer des Accounts) Twinks: LVL 12 Magier LVL 10 Gladi Desweiteren handelt es sich hierbei um die Collectors Edition und den dazugehörigen Aion Masteraccount. Zusätzliche Features der Collectors Edition: * Schwarzwolken-Flügel (+40 Sekunden längere Flugzeit; verfügbar auf Stufe 30) * Schwarzwolken-Ohrring (+72 TP und 72 MP; verfügbar auf Stufe 20) * Spezieller Charaktertitel ("Pionier von Aion™") mit Attributsteigerung * Zwei zusätzliche Charakter-Emotes (Aion™-Boogie und Hip Hop)
    Best of Facebook -> Gewinnspiele, Verlosungen! [HOHE CHANCE!]
    Biete Gold in großen Mengen
    Blank Aion Account -- Time till November - $10 OBO1z1zJust a blank aion account, has game time until november. $10 OBO
    Buying Kinah - Elyos Spatalos1z1zIf you're on the elyos side of Spatalos, and have a paypal account, name a price!
    Canadian Powerleveling! By Hand.
    Decent Gear Ranger - INFINITE AION, GREED, ELYOS
    Elyos LvL 55 Gladiator/LvL 55 Templar (Awsome Geared) !!!1z1zElyos LvL 55 Gladiator/LvL 55 Templar Server - Zikel Elyos are Both Templar Gear : +15 Menotios’s Warhammer +11 Triroan’s Greatsword +12 Stormwing’s Shield +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Breastplate +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Plate Pauldrons +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Plate Greaves +3 Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Gauntlets +5 Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Plate Boots Beshmundir Templar Hairpin Guardian Primus Pilus’s Corundum Necklace Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Ragnarok’s Corundum Earrings Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Guardian Primus Pilus’s Corundum Ring Guardian Tribunus’s Leather Belt Gladiator Gear : +8 Triroan’s Spear Graceful Longbow +1 Anuhart Gladiator Breastplate +1 Anuhart Gladiator Plate Pauldrons +1 Anuhart Gladiator Plate Greaves +1 Anuhart Gladiator’s Gauntlets +1 Anuhart Gladiator Plate Boots Koruchinerk’s Mask Dragon Flame Diamond Necklace Zaniah’s Jewel Earrings Krotan Diamond Earrings Noah’s Tears Anuhart Brigade General’s Leather Belt caracters are really great geared, im original owner i provide full details - ncsoft email key contact me for more details pm me or better dirrectly : [email protected] or ID : Cat5oo price we will see :p thanks.
    FREE ** Level 10 Assassin - Elyos Ariel [West] 8500 Kinah1z1zServer: Ariel Faction: Elyos Class: Assassin Kinah Amount: 8500 Gametime: Yes Full Information: Yes Level: 10 Free Account; Will give away Wednesday, Oct. 28. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Code:</div><div class="ubbcode-body ubbcode-pre" style="height: 34px;"><pre>Follow us on twitter &/or post here </pre></div></div> Twitter: ://twitter/aiontoons Thanks
    Got extra copy of Forge, will trade it for aion 55+ account
    I'm Buying a Veteran Code
    Kaufe Aion Kinah auf alle DE Server1z1zKaufe Aion Kinah auf alle DE Server Kaufe Aion Kinah auf alle DE Server ,einfach sich bei mir melden,bezahle gut ..... ICQ:300-399-138
    Kaufe Ranger lvl 50 Oder Mage lvl 501z1zKaufe ranger 50 oder mage lvl 50 Bitte bei mir melden Per nachricht danke !
    kinaah auf Just Aion
    Looking for a headstart Code - Trading WoW/Paypal
    Looking for a Templar lvl 50/55 Asmo In Eu servers
    Looking for a Templar lvl 50/55 Asmo In Eu servers1z1z
    Looking for a Templar lvl 50/55 Asmo In Eu servers1z1zAs The Title say i am looking for a good pvp geared char templar , dont care if 50 or 55
    Lowest of all gold coins, trading the most secure1z1zBTS all wow im trading ================vsellgold================ The only thing we can all server, real-time transactions, Web site Lowest of all gold coins, trading the most secure 1000g=$7.58 3000g=$22.74 5000g=$37.9 10k=$75.8 Registered members can enjoy a lower discount Senior VIP members also get free online game account upgrade services time my friends What are you waiting for? come on! My :[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] EMAIL: ***************************************************** my website :*****************************************************[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Lvl 55 Ranger for Sale
    Moved: Elitest X! Looking for staff!
    [WTT] Aion-CN Account1z1zI have a lvl 44 Cleric on Aion-China, Region 2 (north), Server Azariel. Lvl 30 [Gold] Abyss Chain Boots with +21% Speed and 6-socket (for 58k Abyss Points) Lvl 35 [Gold] Satan's Chain Gloves 5-socket. Lvl 40 [Blue] Expert's Strengthened Adamantium Shield +9. Full Lvl 43 [Blue] Expert's Set Have been paying for play-time for over 4-5 months. Still have some time left. Imageshack - aion0001s Imageshack - aion0003gcl Willing to trade for a Ranger, Sorcerer or Templar 37+ on ANY SERVER. I just want to try out any of those classes before Aion NA release.
    [WTT] Sm level 461z1zHey Leute, ich wollte meinen Beschwörer level 46 gegen einen Magier level 46+ tauschen...Wer interesse hat schreibt einfach hierdrunterschreiben...Equipment Kinah und sonstiges gibts dann, wenn jemand Interesse hat. __________________________________ Hey guys, ich want to trade my Spiritmaster level 46 versus a Sorcerer level 46+. If there is somebody, who is interrestet in my account, please write it down here. I'll tell you the Equipment, Kinah und other things, if there is somebody, who is interesstet. bad english Mfg skatefreaky=) edit : Freund
    {WTB] Balder or Thor high level aion acc
    @@Top rated-536 positive pro-seller, CHEAPEST aion kinah ,instant [email protected]@1z1zAs title states, I am selling AION KINAH on all servers. Top rated-536 positive pro-seller, CHEAPEST aion kinah ,instant delivery! Hit me up if you need it,price is not a problem Reply my thread first Thanks Contact information, Aim: zdjmathew :[email protected] :matthew5244 ICQ:[email protected]
    *repost* WTB lvl 40-50 Asmo
    ~WTS~ 10 Aion Guides for Asmodian/Elyos1z1zThis pack has all types of other guides included in it such as : 1) Asmodian Leveling Guide Lvl 1-40 2) Elyos Leveling Guide Lvl 1-40 3) Enchantments, Manastones, & Goldstones Guides 4) Kinah Guide 5) Abyss Guide 6) Crafting & Gathering Guide 7) Grinding Guide 8) Flight Guide 9) Title Guide 10) Rifting Guide Here are some examples of how the Leveling Guides look like: Elyos Guide: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting As you can see here , everything is put in order to satisfy the costumers to the maximul level. Nothing is ommited! Asmodian Guide: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Again, the quests are detailed and they illustrate Campaign Quests , Normal Quests, and Tips to level fast! Also , the quests are detailed since they manage to provide pictures of the locations. I am looking for $ on paypal only. I am willing to sell this guide only to 10 people only. Status : 0/10 OFFER ME AND PM ME!
    19~22 gladiator Abzugeben
    24chanter, 15rang,15sin,14sm, 1mill kinah, LF Wow, 71+1z1zI have an aion preorder account with: 24chanter- amso- marchutan east- 200k kinah 14spiritmaster-amso-marchutan east-10k kinah 10templar-amso-marchutan east 15ranger-elyos-lumiel east-20k kinah 15assassin-elyos-lumiel east-800k kinah I am OO with info and CD key LF WoW 71+ horde: warlock+++++++ priest+++++ druid+++ shaman++ no pallies, no DKs aim= jakehutx24 post before contacting
    36 Elyos Female Sorc Triniel Amazing Class CE WINGS $3001z1z36 Elyos Female Sorc Triniel Amazing Class CE WINGS 36 Elyos Female Sorc Triniel Server Amazing Class CE WINGS Contact for Armory Race: Elyos Class: Sorcerer Level: 36 Server: Triniel[East] <span style="text-decoration: line-through">Price: $334.00 </span> Price: $300.00 with the discount code spamsite HUGE BLOWOUT SALE! Up to $100 OFF ALL ACCOUNTS! Check them out! Use the discount code spamsite for 10% any account on K4Gaming Contact us via telephone at (916)225-8614 or via AIM at K4Gaming anytime.
    38 Elyos Female Chanter 20% Speed Boots Lumiel Server $1801z1z38 Elyos Female Chanter 20% Speed Boots Lumiel Server 38 Elyos Female Chanter 20% Speed Boots Lumiel Server Contact for Armory <span style="text-decoration: line-through">Price: $200.00 </span> Price: $180.00 with the discount code spamsite HUGE BLOWOUT SALE! Up to $100 OFF ALL ACCOUNTS! Check them out! Use the discount code spamsite for 10% any account on K4Gaming Contact us via telephone at (916)225-8614 or via AIM at K4Gaming anytime.
    39 Female Asmo Sorc Azphel Best Server 3pc Abyss GEAR INSANE CE Wings $350
    41 sin on aszphal cheap1z1zim looking to trade off my elyos sin lvl 41 for a time card for aion well geared and wel respected toon if interested hit me up on aim cross0069
    42 Eylos Male Assassin (Siel West Coast)1z1zThis character is very well geared for lvl 42. Xeno weapon dagger with Labhris offhand dagger. Anointed Leather Leggings Mostly Blues ~450+ Crit ~400kish Kinah Post here before contacting *Contact* Email - [email protected] Aim - Bam934
    50 Cleric For Sale or Trade1z1z50 Cleric on Ariel 4 million kinah Full crafted blue set Gold crafted Helm Gold Quest Weapon Currently in a top 10 guild on this server for fortress. Has 4 Gold Tokens Has 4 Silver Tokens collectors edition and pre order titles and items. Taking offers as far as price. Taking offers as far as trades. I really don't know what I would take for a trade but thought I would put that up there. Thanks AIM domes33
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