Selling   Mafia City E2 Mansion (can come with a small farm if you want)

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    E2 Mansion in city 1260, Power 17+Million, SVIP 10

    ***still playing slowly, so everything (stats, power, etc.) will continue to increase***

    Stats: mid to high 300+ without buffs

    Grand Collections: War Crest V, Majestic Sea III, Gold Lighter

    Equipment: Gold Terrorizer set, Orange Kingpin's Set, 1 Purple Street King Set, 2 Green Street King Set

    Renegades: Lang Qing 5*, Oscar 4*, Kraken 3*, Randy 1*, Jair 1*, Gabi 1*, Kit 1*

    Participated in Gold Rush, Oil Crisis, Seven Seas, have 185 points in Season Mastery that you can reset to fit your needs

    Babes: (5 stars: Diana, Mai, Grace, Catherine, Karina), Scarlett 4*, Anastasia 1*

    Permanent turf decors: Mafia Cathedral, Dragon Palace
    Permanent turf effects: Lair of the Battle Bear

    Gold: 516,500

    Safe resources: Cargo: 6,421,656,600, Cash: 7,231,059,800, Metal: 219,004,940, Arms: 921,971,700

    LOTS of troops in the inventory, LOTS of safe resources, speedups, buffs, and truce. Also have quite a few temporary turf decors and Ops effect, etc.

    I have my main account in city 708 with 400+ stats (no farm for this account though), more of everything compared to this account, but have not posted yet, but willing to sell also.

    Can sell through middleman, or directly pay me via PayPal to skip middleman. I am not a scammer, you will definitely get your game after I receive the payment. I just have no time to play. If buying both, can give $ off.

    Email me at [email protected] for more details or for screenshots of what you want to see.
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