lvl9tos lvl6pom lvl5dt lvl5ncecro++WITH LOT OF T4 gear!! FURY server

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    really good account - full t4 tos(including 2x weapons)+t3 crafted shield and dagger, full AA, +second t4 set chest, leggs and wrists + 30 t4 relics and tear. + t3.5 helm, belt and wrists. 3 specs and + 2 additional rows in bank. 500+ mini tokens+ full t3 pve et and lot of khitay items pom have good aa(bout 70%), t4 dps set 3x major major pieces(chest, helm, leggs), talisman, nek, and 2x rings+ some other t4 from sec set+other epic set dt have ibis, good AA(80%), t4: helm, chest, 2x different boots, belt, wrists, 3x rings(2x wisodm and 1 str) + full t3 set and some epic khitay necro have full t4 except belt(have scarlet circle belt), good aa(60%) + some other epic items 3 feat setup bs pvp lvl 0 have t4: chest, helm, boots, shoulders, nek, ring, 2h blunt. Average AA(40-50%), full t3 pve set + epic khitay pieces ranger lvl 0 pvp have t4 set without hands, leggs and nek, including both x-bow+bolt and bow+arrows Almost each char from list have epic mount from t4(tiger or wolf). +some gold + have many t4 loot for incomming craft revamp(bout 20 ADDITIONAL items or more on all characters together) 500 euro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.