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    Hello. I am selling my main onmyoji account (played from ios).
    I also have a 2nd account (played from android) which has a maxed Buddy Bond (BFF) with my main account.

    I made a 2nd account for the following reasons:
    -I can do the guild quest (that requires COOP) on my own whenever I want.
    -I can spam donate SSR shards acquired by my 2nd acct to my main (same guild donate + BFF donate).
    -My 2nd acct can purchase friendship pack (30 jades) for my main.

    Here are the details of my main acct:

    -All the main story chapters are cleared including the feautured shikis from each map.
    -My team of Tamamo-Yoto-Ubume-Oitsuki-Yamausagi can clear S10 within 40 seconds or less.
    -All totems are at MAX LEVEL except for Peacock.
    -My Duel Team utilizes the Double Puller method (Kamaitachi-Yamausagi-Samurai X-Tamamo-Oitsuki).
    -This team is capable of reaching Tier 8 every week.
    -So far I am able to clear Ultimate Orochi (minimum wave 5 and maximum wave 6).

    My 2nd account is currently at level 44. It has 4 SSRs:
    1. Higanbana [G6]
    2. Ibaraki Doji [G2]
    3. Lord Arakawa x2 [G2]

    Payment Method: PayPal (friends/family)

    My contact infos:
    1. Discord = dragummy#5115
    2. FB Messenger =

    If you want to discuss about the price, I am willing to talk about it.

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