lvl55 Cleric eu

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    lvl55 Cleric, eternal ap shield, eternal ap hauberk and eternal ap gloth gloves for cast speed with magic resist +14 stones socketed. and I also have new eternal warhammer from academy which has cast speed. So, cast speed is at max. and it is also possible to hit the magic resist to 2150+ with food. for pve I dont have a complete set but it is quite enough for any instance. I used to do BT HM with that gear everyday. I also have 50mil kinah, i know its not much but i also have 15 magic resist +14 stones which is 3 mil kinah each at the broker and also have 2 %100 socketing tickets which could be bought from aion store. and also have alchemy skilled at 501. and also have 47 sorc alter with a 50 balic weapon waiting for her to hit 50. it is quite good to chill a bit when you are bored healing." NO.3Z11198173 View Gear add our :*****************************************************
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.