Sold Lvl400 4.2mill CP Silver Ranger (Doombringer Kamael Dual Class) with Lots of Loot!

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    Active (main and fairly active second alt) account for sale; will still be playing so some of the stat’s below will be different at sale date. For personal reasons, I am selling this account that includes the Level 400 main with Doombringer dual class Kamael and maximum number of alts, including:
    1. Lv331 Mystic Muse (Trickster dual class), in different clan
    2. Lv226 Orc Monk, in same clan as main
    3. Lv226 Bishop, in same clan as main
    4. Lv203 Orc Shaman, in same clan as main
    5. Lv138 Dwarf Scavenger, in same clan as main
    The clan (Lv14, casual and quiet, Ranking 334) includes alts from other players as well. Alts all built to provide maximum support to main at 5%. All alts have unopened loot boxes, red diamonds, unopened adena boxes, or all of the above.

    The main has nine battle decks, including PVP, Human, Dragon, Magical, and Boss, plus decks outfitted for various areas, such as Temple Guardian/Summon Circle, a magical-elite combo, a field hunt comb (for added exp), and a basic extraction pit combo (with Garden Cloak for more loot).

    The main has the following as an overview:
    • Current max active skills: energy blast, power shot, lethal shot; Spirit of Moonlight at Lv8 but needs 14 tomes for next level.
    • Current max passive skills: rogue weapon, light armor, guidance, swift; Spirit of Critical Shots at Lv9 but needs 16 tomes for next level.
    • Current rare skills: absolute shield (Lv10), missile bolt (Lv10), healing strike (Lv10), meteor shower (Lv10), poison strike (Lv3)
    • Runes: on outer ring of Lv5 on rune page 18
    • Elixirs: SR HP with five successful limit breaks; SR MP with four successful limit breaks; SR Att., SR Def. not yet complete for limit breaking; R Evade and R accuracy; S Crit Rate and S Crit Resis
    • Mounts: Lv20 (SR bear, horse, kukurin, lion, beetle, broom, egg, elephant, bicycle, Elnagandr, scooter, boar, camel – strider is S Lv20); most have SR gear and some enhancement. Bicycle is enchanted (magical Lv11 of 21)
    • Agathions: 13 of 16 owned (SR little demon, little angel, hamstar, Pegasus, valakas, lindvior, jiangshi, funguy, Rudolph, mystery surfer, stylish tigg – son wukong is S, cow is R); most are max strength and full charms
    • Talisman: main seven are IV, one is III. Normal codex is 11 of 39 complete; several completes or levels done on Combination codex
    • Regular inventory: equipment inventory has been increased to a total of 475 slots (currently 254 are full – 12 weapon items, 35 armor items, 41 jewelry items – multiple items at UR and enough materials to create complete sets of all appropriate jewelry types including Hero though not all at SR yet, 11 talismans, 71 boxes of misc., 81 scrolls and misc. for enhancing; 27 soul crystal items; two armor mana stones; 57 commission material; 12 mount material; 18 agathion charm pieces; 1,743 monster powder and misc. cores to be salvaged at any time; 37 elixir materials that change daily depending on use; approximately 85,000 open rune frags)
    • Magnadin storage: several high-grade items in agathion storage for unattained high grade agathions; Personal Storage inventory has been increased to 135 slots (currently 134 are full – 11 jewelry items, 78 unopened boxes including UR weapon scrolls, over 60 grade S and grade A quest scrolls, blessed and regular enhance scrolls, mount upgrade stone boxes, armor and weapon materials, agathion boxes, condensed soul shot, clan and other dungeon chests, blood scraps, armor boxes, adena boxes, and potions; 32 opened items, including limit break materials, and misc.; and multiple unused mount materials. Account storage limited but contains a few items that can be shared between characters.
    • Cloaks: Lv30 (adventurer, blood ranger, garden); Lv22 red destruction; Lv29 virtuous blood; Lv21 Hagios; Lv19 Embrion; Lv18 Roland
    • Costumes: Alice, Happy Santa, Valentine, Fairy Tale, Rider clothing; Alice, Valentine, Fairy Tale weapon; Alice, Fairy Tale, Basic B, Rider Helmet hair
    • Main Profession: Skilled Blacksmith (Lv9, soon to be Lv10), Secondary Profession: Lv10 Intermediate Miner, Lv5 Beginner Extractor
    • Achievement: Grade 35 Proven Lord
    • Monster codex: most areas complete with exception of certain field bosses; some codex missing in Avento, Dragon’s Cave, Shuttgart, Cave of Trials, Aden, Tower of Insolence Catacombs, Temporal Rift, and events
    • Equipment collection: all weapons complete except Boss bow (85%); armor ranging from 43% (Boss) to 96% (Iron Wall) complete
    • Benefits: Daily Hunting and Daily Item (as of 12/23/19 each have 13 days left); Daily Quest Benefits (as of 12/23/19 has 26 days left); Main Profession Bundle (Lv10 reward remaining, which may have been collected by time of purchase); 118 topaz, approx.. 2500 red diamonds, approx.. 2500 blue diamonds
    • All dungeons (daily, adena, trials of experience) can be auto-cleared daily (approximately 470 auto-clear ticket owned). Approx. 100 elite dungeon auto-clear tickets owned
    • Friends: 30/30; 29 currently active
    Photos available at 500px.
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