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    I am selling my AdventureQuest Worlds account due to inactivity and focusing on studies. My account is nearly 9 years old, and has a clean record with no bans and spent around $300. I'm looking for an estimated price of $250, and offers are however very welcomed, within a realistic pricing. This account has a lot of rares and I've taken my time to write some noticable items down for you:

    Noticable Items:

    Arcane Void Knight Blade (rare)
    Dual Caladbolgs
    Caladbolg 3017 (rare)
    Chaotic Blade of Doom (rare)
    Consciousness Blade of Nulgath (rare)
    Cyber Dark Dragon's Rage (rare)
    Darkblood Nulgath Blade (rare)
    Dragon's Salvation Blade (rare)
    Golden Heart Sabre
    Legion DoomBlade
    Legion Executioner
    Midnight Hanzo Void Katana (rare)
    Runed Legion Broadsword (rare)
    Twisted Legion PumpkinLord Blade
    Arcane Dark Caster's Fury (rare)
    Dual Blade of Doomination (rare)
    Dual FallFire Warglaves (rare)
    Cryptic Arcane Dark Caster Staff (rare)
    Legion Crypt Key polearm (rare)
    Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath

    Abyssal CryptKeeper (rare)
    ArchFiend Loyalist (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    Beach Bumdead Armor (rare)
    Blood Samurai (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath (rare)
    Darkblood of Nulgath (rare)
    Darknight Stalker (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    Doomlight Highlord (rare)
    Dragon's Salvation (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    Elegant Gothic Valentine (rare)
    Eternal Dark Caster (rare)
    Eternal Dark Caster X (rare)
    Evolved LightCaster (rare)
    Exalted Legion Champion
    Galactic Imperator (rare - basically Thanos)
    Infernal Dark Lord (rare - Personal favourite)
    Legion DreadRider (rare)
    Legion Holiday Paragon Plate (rare)
    Legion PumpkinLord 2015
    Legion Soulstealer (rare)
    Legion Titan
    LightCaster (rare)
    Nation Soulstealer (rare)
    Nightelf Shadowstalker (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    Nulgath (rare)
    Paragon Mk 3017 (rare)
    ProtoParagon Mk 3 V2 (rare - 12K AC WORTH)
    ShadowStalker of Time (6K AC Class/Armor)
    Shadowed Dark Guner (rare)
    Ultimate Dark Caster (rare)
    Vindicator Of They (rare)
    Void Knight of Nulgath (rare)

    Arachnomancer - Rank 4
    Blaze Binder - Rank 10
    Chaos Slayer Thief - Rank 5
    Classic Exalted Soul Cleaver (rare) - Rank 1
    Classic Legion DoomKnight (rare) - Rank 10
    Classic Pirate (rare) - Rank 1
    Darkblood Stormking - Rank 7
    Dragon Shinobi (rare) - Rank 10
    Elemental Dracomancer - Rank 5
    Eternal Inversionist - Rank 1
    Evolved Shaman - Rank 1
    Horc Evader - Rank 1
    Legion Blademaster Assassin (rare) - Rank 10
    Legion DoomKnight - Rank 1
    LightCaster (rare) - Rank 1
    Lycan - Rank 5
    Mage (rare) - Rank 10
    Master Ranger - Rank 5
    MindBreaker - Rank 2
    Mystical Dark Caster (rare) - Rank 10
    Necromancer - Rank 10
    Royal BattleMage - Rank 1
    ShadowStalker of Time (6K AC CLASS) - Rank 1
    Shaman - Rank 1
    StoneCrusher - Rank 8
    Thief of Hours - Rank 5
    Troll Spellsmith - Rank 5
    Ultra OmniKnight - Rank 7
    Vindicator Of They (rare) - Rank 10

    Be Mine Candy Heart (rare - cute)
    Bright Dragon BattlePet (rare)
    Celestial Sword of Nulgath (rare)
    Ceremonial Void Knight Sword (rare - CLICKABLE)
    Dark Loyalist Blade Pet (rare)
    Mounted Paragon Pet (rare - CLICKABLE)
    Nulgath Challenge Pet (rare - CLICKABLE)
    Nulgath Rider Pet (rare)
    Paragon Dreadnaught Pet (rare - CLICKABLE)
    Shogun Paragon Pet (rare)

    15175 - Legion Tokens
    14 - Diamonds of Nulgath
    3 - Unidentified 13

    - Items in Bank -

    Weapons: 150+

    Armors: 135+

    Helmets: 170+

    Capes: 75+

    Pets: 25+

    Boosts (EXP, REP, GOLD, CLASS): 420+

    The registered E-Mail has been changed and you will therefore gain full access to the E-Mail as soon as you've purchased the account.

    The delivery of the account will be fully automated and will therefore get you fully access to the account as soon as bought.

    This account also includes 22 supportive/exclusive badges that gives you access to more gear, and the list above was only partly some of the items.

    If you have further questions, feel free to message me here or on my Discord: @Josen#1998

    I will try and respond within 8 hours, but usually less.

    - Josen
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    If you've got any questions, don't forget to ask :)
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    does this account still available?
  4. OP
    Joakim Nilsen

    Joakim Nilsen
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    This account is unfortunately no longer available, as it has already been bought by another buyer.
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