Lvl 80 Conqueror , Necromancer , Guardian - 350 gold - Loads of Epics - EU

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    All Characters are in Aquilonia RP-PvP Server Conqueror (Main) has; T2 boots, gloves,tasset,belt T1 shoulders, chest, helm (only missing epic wrist piece ) Stonesplitter (Epic 2H blunt from BRC quest) Armored White Horse PvP level 2 armorsmithing and weaponsmithing professions Loads of resources like, blue iron,aurichalcum,platinum, various rare leather kinds like whorled, grained, brindled leather and similar stuff. (can craft anything u need for a while) Loads of learnt recipes, many level 80s and some others including hox culture gear. Necromancer has; T2 Gloves, boots T1 Chest, l, belt, helm has highest tier alchemist and gemcutting Guardian has; Blue armor suit from instances (not regular epic khesh one) and guardian culture Chest,L and Helm. (whenever u cant find a guardian for instances this char is helpful) Ranger (79) has blue armor suit from instances (not regular epic khesh one). and T1 Chest. Storage in the guildbank on Lyria. this account has loads of gems. like 20 to 50 of each level 75-80 gems. potions. and alchemy ingredients. and account has like already crafted level 75-80 rubies,star rubies,jades and emerald gems scattered around character bank spaces (didnt place them on crafted armor since they will change the stats for gems in itemization patch) in total characters have a sum of 350 gold i think. but with the resources and items (especially the crafted and uncrafted high level gems i have been holding on to) on each char if they were sold probably around 450-500g very easily also account has a level 73 hox too with some regular blue gear from onyx etc. ready to use when he hits 80. to be honest i really played the game a lot since 6th of june (the date account got created) and this a really awesome account. there are much more stuff than i am listing but this is what people would care i guess. Account is paid until 6th of May. i am not sure about the price. please send me offers but i really dont think if i will sell this account for a low price. and i dont wanna trade it for anything else since i dont have the time to play this game or any other anymore. i think i can accept paypal only. i am not sure how often i can check this website. feel free to send an offer to: [email protected] or [email protected] (none of the chars have weird or popular names etc. they are all suitable for a rp server and the account had a very good reputation with any of the chars)
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