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    Level 80 Cimmerian Female Barbarian on the Free For All Palyer Vs Player Server, Doomsayer. Don't miss out, end game raiding / PVP hasn't even really begun, don't miss out doing the 1-80 grind, have fun and PVP/raid NOW! This toon is also in one of the most respected Raiding/PVP guilds with well over 30 active level 80 characters (and more people dinigng 80 daily), and they are hard at work on their T2 city, with the important T2 buildings already up! They just started rading and always looking for more people to fill up raids, ie. you! I have worked hard to amass the BEST non-raiding PVP gear availible in game so far (see below). Barabarain's are THE melee PVP class, don't belive me just check out the offical AoC boards and read all the bitching about EVERY class being one-shot instant fatalitied by Barbarians! Doomsayer is one of the most popular PVP servers for AoC, it is home to some of the best and most hated PVP guilds around *cough* D.I.E. *cough* (not that DIE is good at PVP) but what other AoC account is giving you a oppertunity to fight against one of the most hated gaming guilds going? This character has over 12 gold, a horse AND the pre-order Rhino! The the playtime is valid until August 19th, that is almost 2 full months of FREE gametime! Bid with Paypal, feel safe and recieve the account FAST! As soon as I have confirmation of the successful transaction I will email you the account details, no waiting, no shipping! I will also mail the game (boxes, manuals, CD-Key, ect) if requested at no cost to you! 12+ gold Gear Head : Berserker's Helm Back : Titanslayer's Cloak Wrist : Beserker's Bracers Ring : Ring of Warmaster's Wrath (Epic!), Chulainn's Gift Belt : Berserker's Girdle L : Raveager's Leggings Necklace : Soulscream Necklace Shoulder : Ragereaver Armbands / Goremonger's Armband Hands : Gormonger's Gauntlets Chest : Berseker's Harness Feet : Exalted Boots Weapons 2 x Bloodedge (lvl 80 161 DPS Blue Sword) yes two of them! Amtah 2H Sword Sunfrost (amazing bow!) / Bloodbarbs LVL 70 Weaponsmith - tons of mats (400+ gold, 200+ Duskmetal, Blue IronX2, Black SilverX2, IllustrimX4, AurichalcumX1, and PlatinumX4) LVL 70 Gemcutter with about 100 lvl 75 Gems High Teir gathering skills also. ie. Oak, Basalt POSTIVE PVP K ratio on one of the most active PVP servers, Doomsayer! BOTH horse and the PVP Rhino Do not hesitate to conact me if you have ANY questions! [email protected]
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