Selling  High End  LVL 56 empire, 515 mill power, all T6 troops and all heroes unlocked,

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    Strong empire with all t6 troops unlocked, 2.4 mill traps, 681k hospital beds

    Noctis lvl 100, both speacial abilities in adventurer hall unlocked
    Luna lvl 104
    Gladioulus lvl 59
    Aaranea lvl 59
    Ignis lvl 89
    Prompto lvl 90
    Ravus lvl 37

    182 k different mercenary troops, mosty guardians (frost, maiden, gold)

    Legendary gear: Glacian, Hunter, Beast - all except helmet in Light forge (helmet epic)
    Epic gear: Aranea, mercenary, both guardian sets

    Buildings unlocked:
    All buildings unlocked except commador hall.
    Mythic forge: lvl 11 (maxed)
    Monster farm: lvl 8
    Elemency hall: lvl 3
    Order of heroes: dawn, mage, bravery, thieves, warrior, king and hunter orders unlocked
    Mercenary pit lvl 5
    Oracle lvl 5

    Research for T7 siege done, close to warriors. Lots of gold, platina, speed-ups, boosts, many different teleports and lots og of loyalty points.

    contact me for more details, and price discussion
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