Lvl 53 Cleric (Full Golds), Lvl 31 SM (Full Deava)

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    I am the original owner, I recently canceled my subscription for good. The account is over a year old, you will have access to all Veteran rewards up to month 12. On the account there is the lvl 53 Cleric and the lvl 31 SM with full Daeva gear. They are Elyos on Israphel. There is also a lvl 30 Sin, a lvl 30 Sorc, and a lvl 30 Chanter. I recently had a name change, all my core friends quit the game with me, so you won't have to worry about strangers bothering you. Three of the characters are in small, mostly empty legions, everyone in them knows I'm selling my account. Anyway, I'm not sure what these usually go for, so I'll take offers until Friday, Feb 4th and whoever offers the most can have it. I'm not looking for some ridiculous amount, anything over a hundred, really. I'll keep it updated here if I get offers. They're very attractive, female characters. Cleric is wearing chain lvl 50 asmo skins, SM is wearing True Dragon Balic skins. I'm really big on good looking characters, like everyone in Aion. Send offers to [email protected] Thanks, Cherry
Thread Status:
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