Lvl 50 Elyos Assassin OVER 3300 PvP Kills, Double Gold Weaps!

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    First off im only accepting Western Union transfer or if you live in the Las Vegas area we can do a face to face deal. I do not want to risk losing the account and my money. It was a HUGE pain in the [censored] to grind to 50. About the account: It is a CE edition and it also has a regular key added so every new character you decide to make you will get all of the CE stuff +10 Lodus Amulets(exp boost) instead of just 5. You will also get the fire ring and the wind ring. On the same account it has the name Shaun saved if there is any Shauns out there that might want that name you got it! She has about 1 mil left in Kinah atm. She is setup with all the best PvP stigmas so your ready to go with her. She has consumables like flight speed,run speed,atk speed scrolls and buff food. She has mana pots,HP pots,Cure pots everything you will need to play the game. I just recently spent most of the money on a couple stigmas that were 10 mil each so shes kinda broke atm but has everything you need now. She has the CE wings and lvl 50 wings. She has the super rare Devil Horns which you can see in the SS's below. Pics: Has double gold weapons with 1 of them being 18% attack speed!! The MH Dagger has a silence GodStone. %5 chance to silence the target for 8 seconds. 18% Weapon: Stats: Non-Combat mode: In Combat: Contact me on aim: WhoIsShaun Price: $400 OBO
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.