Selling  Android and iOS  Level 300+ LVL 430 Good War Dragons Account 24.4b AP 8.5b DP

Discussion in 'War Dragons Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Jcwhite85, 2/12/20.

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    Selling my War Dragons account as I have no time to play it anymore. LVL 430 currently in a saph2 team. Atlas heavy account for two years now. 16.5k rubies currently, 85k Diamonds, 550k troops, full and maxed elite defense with Oni perched. 8.5b defense and currently LVL 85 kill island towers. Have eggs needed for hut upgrade but level locked at the moment. Have about 50 gold chests but next prize in seasonal line is 40 something golds. 7 prizes away from this seasons mythic. Have multiple mythics- Narlyth, ronin, neptus, huitzil etc. Hunter heavy account.
    Narlyth sitting at 9.3B AP at maxed empyrean.
    Have bred abysal oculex just need 5 levels to incubate and evolve.
    Have all elite gears.
    Almost starting on mythic gears in atlas this season.
    Please contact me on line at rideredcbr. I’ll be happy to get you screenshots