Selling Lvl 40, vip 243, comander lv 120 and much more

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    -State Pano # 104
    -HP: 40
    - commander: 120
    -vip: 243
    -power: 24.3T
    -multiplier x2 all resources
    -16 banks liv 40
    -Lord of the Divine War, set up to 911
    -all buildings at liv 40
    -Accademy troops and hangar of the assault vehicles liv 20
    -Arsenal, cemetery, black market, secret operations center, combat laboratory, bio laboratory, mobility operations, monument, caveau and factory accelerators at liv 39
    -black market credit 33.5M

    -Many teletransports of all kinds
    -will many accumulated war upgrades, never used in nearly 2 years from enrollment
    -Gold 6.23B
    -Risorsa 898TT
    -monete 6.08BT
    -1.85 KT bullets and all types of active ammunition
    -Sieri never products, 93 different tubes up to 10/16/21 different ingredients
    Rural enhancements from liv 30 to liv 39
    -25 Different augments of 4 types
    -Modifiers hundreds, some up to liv 26
    - All of them
    -Zero Research Documents
    -Program training + 1000%; + 9MT and + 1000% too many queues

    -Search complete all up to the latest ones to date
    - Mobility operations completed all over
    -best-troupe completed (latest up to level 28, rank 3)

    Crates TO OPEN:
    Lord of the War
    Lord of the Divine War, set up to 911
    Lord of Exalted War
    15 mine laser
    Divine builder
    Legendary divine judgment
    Divine jungle
    9 colossal medals
    3 Increase of green mamba
    2 colossus rise
    3 increase of the exalted winner
    1 increase of the divine winner
    5th increase of the supreme winner
    13 supreme colossus
    1 giant colossus
    1 Divine conqueror modifier
    Enhanced protector
    Silent exalted winner
    The supreme winner
    Supreme Protector
    Great definitive protector
    Great conqueror
    Exalted Conqueror
    76 divine conqueror increase
    74 increased exalted conqueror
    Chief sergeant
    Great definitive guardian
    Great guardian
    Legendary captain
    Commander of tanks
    Legendary antipasto
    Definitely definite size hunter
    Legendary champion 2017
    Cold fusing
    Legendary builder
    More than 20 sets of all the other minor and dozens of sets and accessories of core production)

    1 Mega annexation event enhancements
    47 corrosive attachment
    47 ultra-fast attack
    47 indestructible defense
    43 armature drilling
    44 combat protection 100 thousand%
    Hundreds of upgrades of all kinds, attack, defense, health, commander, production, crowd, etc.
    More reductions various troop promotions

    4 trophy promotion 125 days
    285,300 10B accelerators
    And much more than anything else....
    If you have specific questions ask
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