LVL 30 EU East & NORDIC. ALL Champions!

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    [Selling Lvl 30 account with all the champions. All champions unlocked including Riven! 40 skins + 2 legendary skins! (piltover custom blitz and alien heim) around 1500 games including ranked. 689 wins Normal mode 9 rune pages unlocked Marks: 9 x arm pen, 9 x mag pen, 9 x ap(potency), 5 x atk spd, 2 x atk dmg Seals: 9 x atk spd, 9 x mana reg(clarity), 9 x dogde, 9 x ap (potency), 9 x armor(resilence) Glyhps: 9 x atk spd, 9 x mana reg (clarity), 9 x cd reduction, 9 x magic res(shielding), 9 x mana reg (clarity), 9 x ap (force), 9 x ap (potency), 3 x mag pen Quintessences: 3 x health (fortitude), 3 x arm pen, 3 x mag pen, 3 x ap(potency), 3 x atk dmg, 3 x movement spd, 3 x health reg, 1 x crit chance Bronze badge profile 4k RP for you to spend, 2k IP for you to spend send your bids on email or post thnx alot any questions, feel free to ask!! Champions : Legendary skins pics:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.