Lv25 Elyos Ranger! Collector's Edition + Preorder! $65 OBO

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    Geared Abyss-Ready Ranger on a great, populated server!! (Zikel) All current spells purchased! Sleep Arrow I and Arrow Deluge II stigmas!! (Retreating Slash I and Arrow Deluge I in inventory, not equipped) Account Type: Collector's Edition PRE-ORDER Race: Elyos Class: Ranger Level: 25 (37% toward 26) Playable Until: Oct 29, 2009 Abyss Points: 3,286 (Soldier, Rank 8) Kinah: >300,000 Gear: Great lv23-25 crafted/rare gear full of Physical Crit+ Manastones! Almost 200 physical crit! Regular Extract Vitality: 192/199 Lesser Extract Aether: 25/99 Lesser Alchemy: 18/99 HUGE INVENTORY!! (7 of 9 cube rows! 63 inventory slots!) ALL PRE-ORDER / COLLECTOR'S EDITION ITEMS (REDEEMABLE INFINITE TIMES ON NEW CHARACTERS YOU CREATE [Once per character]) (Ranger has 3 +experience amulets left) AIM: American Psych00 :: POST BEFORE CONTACTING ::
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.