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    HELLO ! Im Luminal , I sell cheap heirloom account and some good apex acc !
    Just ask me what kind account you want and i will find the cheapest for you !

    1. All services are made by hands no bots or script
    2. We can use vpn when playing with your account (just say which country)
    3. At the moment, no bans by our fault
    4. 100% without any kind of exploit or abuse when we play with your account
    5. Dont login when we using ur account
    6. Just ask us if you want custom rank or badge order
    [​IMG] Apex Rank Package[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Bronze IV >> [​IMG] Silver IV 5$
    [​IMG] Silver IV >> [​IMG] Gold IV 10$
    [​IMG] Gold IV >> [​IMG] Plat IV 25$
    [​IMG] Plat IV >> [​IMG] Diamond IV 35$
    [​IMG] Diamond IV >> [​IMG] Master 85$
    [​IMG] Master >> [​IMG] Predator #

    [​IMG] Badge And Kills Service[​IMG]
    [​IMG] 4K Damage 10$( 25$ for 3 Legends )
    [​IMG] 20 Bomb kills 17$
    [​IMG] [​IMG] 4K+20 Bomb 25$
    [​IMG] Teamwork Badge 30$
    [​IMG] 100 Kills 10$