LTS 80 Guardian and 80 Necro -Doomsayer PVP-

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    This post is for the following is for a day one account on Doomsayer PVP servers which has good standing: span> think gladiator) - He posseses 70+ Gold - He is a Master Armorsmith and Alchemist - He has unlocked all foraging/mining quests unlocked - 100s of armor crafting rseources included - 2nd largest inventory bag - 2G Horse and War Rhino (pre order gift) - Possesses 6 unbound epic weapons and 4 epic weapons of his own (all level 80), deatils are available. - almost no respecting of his feats yet either... making it cheap and easy to alter the toons characteristics when you buy him Level 80 Necromancer - He possesses over 120 gold - Has the same bag and mounts as listed in the guardian - He is a Master Weaponsmith and Master Gemcutter - Possesses numerous 80 level gems which have been stocked away - Possesses a fully gemmed out level 75 cloth armor suit In addition the other 6 toon slots have been filled and are currently storage... Level 6 Bear Shaman-- stockpiles of alchemy items Level 24 POM - stockpiles of blues and epic armor Level 22 HOX - stockpiles of blue weapons Level 22 Ranger - great for intro PVP Level 7 Assassin - Level 4 Demonologist- *remember any toon can be deleted.. so you can always make a new toon if you like.. Lastly but most importantly <span style="font-weight: boldyou will not have to pay a monthly fee until January of 2009! Thanks for reading my post... if interested feel free to PM with your offer or IM me at AIM Neilgenseo.
Thread Status:
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