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    [selling][rsgp] 91 Range Pure 61 Combat [rsgp][selling]Hello. I am selling my 61 combat Range pure i do not need it for anything. It's really only have range witch is good, Anything can be done with it. Doesn't have much bank. Also HAS NO BANK PIN. THIS ACCOUNT NOW HAS MEMBERS ACTIVE A/W = 45M Only accepting RSGP. As you can see it has recoveries set. But answers will be given upon purchase. Also a OMM can test this out if they feel like it would be safer. Feel free to drop a pm[Donator] 80 Attack 97 Strength 90 Range 80 Dungeon 1def+1pray [playerup]FIRST AND FOREMOST I WOULD LIKE TO STATE I HAVE THIS ACCOUNT FOR SALE AT playerup - THE MOST LEGIT WEBSITE. below is the link to the account. playerup/offer/...less-58230117/ Edit: forgot picture of tokens: Please Read Before Posting Payments Accepted: WU|RSGP Why buy the account It's flawless, 1 def + 1 prayer It has no recoveries It can make you BANK Never Ending fun pking Great to showoff with Info about account Soulwarred to 95 Str rest legit Range is legit half quested Account is Ready-to-play. 200k tokens 80 att 97 str 90 rng 80 hp. PRO Gotta have a sick range level if you have a sick str level Why buy from me? I'm so serious about selling any of my accounts I offer recovery test I provide extensive account background information. I'm usually on 24/7 I can offer my /cell phone to serious buyers. PM's required before trading. MM only I've sold 7 accounts NO bad feedbackBuying Turm pure or Range pureHello Sythe, I am looking to buy a Turmoil Pure. 30 defense and rune gloves. 70-80 attack and less than 95 strength. Obviously fully quested and enough quest points for rune gloves if there arnt rune gloves on the account. i will pay up to 100m for this account. NO ZERKS I am also looking to buy a 99 range pure. Either a fully quested to void range gear. or 1 defence 99 range. im not looking for a botted up account with just 99 range, i would like it to have some stats as well so i dont have to spend to much on it. Preferably 50 up in stats, but still requirments for turm. On both builds of the two range accounts i would like atleast 44 prayer or if you ahve 74 for rigour that will be just as fine. defintly no tanks. 80m or less for this one. Both of these accounts should have decent non combat stats as well so i dont have to worry about them and jump straight into pking. I would like a trusted member because every good acount out there are all newcomers and im not looking for a scam. we will use a MM like The Black Tux. I hope a serious seller looks at this because i would love one of these acounts[Buying][Paypal/RSGP]Buying 99 range pure (see here)[Trusted][Swap]Hi, i am looking to buy an account with 99 range, the account must follow these requirements: 99 range 45 defence or below Prefer 70 attack or lower I am looking for a trustworthy seller on sythe, so if you are a new member and you are not trusted, you will pay OMM fees and a recovery check will be made, if you are a newcomer then please dont bother. I am currently willing to pay via Paypal, RSGP, or swaps with these 2 accounts (click here).. All trades will use an OMM, do not spam on this thread, all accounts will have to pass a perfect recovery check. thanks.400k tokens initiate pure Run Gloves [Rsgp] [Pa/Pp]I decided to sell my pure aswell as my main, just put a offer on it. Actually its 375k tokens, sorry for misleading title Login : Stats: Has Rune glove done rfd etc, AW 80$ Has 400k+ tokens if you reset the ring I have 500m+ in vouches I will go 1st if you are trusted, Omm at your expenses Post and pm me it[rsgp] ----amazing Pk Account Lvl 94------fLVL94 GOOD PK ACCOUNT[RSGP] CBT STATS QUEST's PK ITEMS add my on Osva_king1 for more information and to make the deal [RSGP] Add my [email protected] for more information and to make a dealSelling Good Skiller/GOLDFARMER/20m!Hey, Im Selling Very Good skill cause i quited rs. i made over 500m with this account with the skills alone, you can also train it a bit up and use it as a staker for ultimate goldfarming account! Login: Stats: Bank: Autowin 20m! Going first to trusted members/Mods/Admins Pm Me Offers/ Or Post Below Happy Biding! Remember THIS IS YOUR GOLDFARMER[RSGP] Selling Lvl 48 Defence Zerker Good Stats ! [RSGP]Hello guys I'm selling this zerker pure I've had and played on it was a great account at Pking and etc I'm selling this account because recently I was training my 1 Defence pure with chaotic so I'll take any good price for this account OMM or MM will be used. : [email protected] --- 61 Ranged now also 76 Hp And 79 Attack 143k Off 80 --- Has Membership Until 30th October
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