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    Selling level 69 88 Dung RSGPCombat level is 69, I did 1-45 legit and used IDung for the rest. I am looking for RSGP. The bank has no value, so I don't see a need to post a pic. No A/W is set for the moment. Anyone interested may add me on , [email protected] Stats- Tokens- Login- Offence history-Price Check -- Turmoil Pure -- Price CheckNeed a price check in rsgp for this account thanks !love you this game. Free pure.Motherfucker hacked me of 660m, I am ******* done. Pm me for info.Selling lvl 96 accountSelling lvl 96 account it's not that bad of an account here are some pics of stats and bank. Payments LR Price give me some offers Contact me [email protected] Highest Bid Gets ItSTART BIDDING 1GP WINS IF THATS ONLY BID!! done monkey madness n stuff 94 str 86 woodcutting decent START BIDDINGSelling level 68 simi-failed zerk! 87 mining!!!send message for details! -Original owner. -Rolled back with 0 black marks. -Chicken suit/Fez hat. -Rune defender/fighter torso/Ava's accumulator. -995 total level- >Combat< 68 60 att/65 str/45 def 60 range/55 mage 62 hp/10 pray 1 dung/1 summ >Skiller< 87 mine/68 wc/68 hunt 53 fish/53 cook -59 quest points- Monkey Madness/Lost City/Heroes' Quest/Fremennik Trials/Dragon Slayer/Death Plateau/Animal Magnetism1def 99str 70attack 78CombatI have sold 2 accounts here before, one to a moderator. Check my vouches here for proof:sythe/showthread.php?t=939131 have not played in months,not sure how much this is worth. I am the one and only original owner, the winner will get: username/password + email address +password for the email this account was created on. I don't remember any of the other info. Quests Done: death plateau the grand tree monkey madness priest in peril tree gnome village Starting/AutoWin: $55 (paypal)SICK DDSER 99 STR 91 HP 1 DEF 60 ATTACK - How much can I get?I am not sure if I am going to sell this, I want to know some serious offers I could get first. I don't wanna go through removing email and recovs and such, if I am not going to get a decent offer. -I AM NOT ORIGINAL OWNER- I bought this from KeroKeroCola, Market Mod, last month while it was 99 Str 44 CB. He may not have a vouch from me for it, It was an account not for sale in his posts. Regardless, ask him about it. It does NOT have adamant or mithril gloves, or a dscim. Although Attack was FULLY quested, excluding Fight Arena. It is 100% ready to start Recipe for Disaster The prayer was almost FULLY quested to 31, including Rag and Bone Man Wish List. Some stats: 60 Attack 99 Strength 2k from 91 HP 1 Defence 64 Ranged 31 Prayer 44 Slayer 78 Combat Some quests completed include: Horror from the Deep - God Books Rag and Bone Man+ Wishlist - Bonesack Death Plateau - Climbers Shilo Village Mountain Daughter Lost City Waterfall Tree Gnome VIllage Grand Tree Just post any offers here, and I'll consider selling it.
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