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    [RSGP] Zerker |99 Pray|99 Herb|99 Construct|Firecape|C Maul| 83 Dung [RSGP]Hey Guys , I'm selling my level 94+7 Zerker for RSGP only. I am the original owner and creator of the account. It has Turmoil, Rune gloves, Chaotic maul, 31k Extreme defence potions, Firecape and is able to make Overloads. I will only go first if you're trusted. When you buy the account you will get: - Username - Password - Recovery's - E-Mail - Membership Information Add: [email protected] for more info. Start bidding: 50M Good luck![Paypal/Rsgp] Selling Perfect Pure 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 DefenceThe account is level 73+1. It has desert treasure done alone with 82 mage for blitz. I am ONLY taking Paypal or rsgp. No swaps, sorry. I am perfectly fine with using a middle man. I understand I'm new and you can take all the precautions you want. Please use the form Code: Your offer: Your :(rsgp) awesome 70cbt pure with 70dung (rsgp)Hello! I would like to sell this account as I dont play it anymore and i cbf to pay any more members. It is fully quested, 1 defence, 94 mage and summoning as vissible on screen at only 70cbt and has 70 dungeoneering with arcane stream(also vissible on screen). It has quite a bit of wealth in p2p items on it currenty(about 26m). That is why i will be starting the bid with 40m (that's only 14m for beastly pure acc). It has no recoveries or email i am the original/first owner and will provide all the recovery details. I will not go first under any circumstances so we eighter use mm(at your expense) or you go first. for any offers please add me on : [email protected] 5 Skiller/Pures/TanksThat's right!!! Five of em'!!!! make any offer, , is "Joeyhartpwns" or me as "Joeyisjustawesome". Or you can just private message me Here are the accounts: sythe/showthread.php?t=12574112 pures for sale decent!!Selling both accounts because ive just made a new one, no recoveries or emails on either. i will not be going first and if you want mm you can find and pay fees. (DO NOT TRY AND EVEN MAKE IT HAPPEN). Starting bids on both 10m each. happy bidding. **SAFE AND TRUSTED** Feel free to bid away. : [email protected] 1st acc no recs or email. 2nd acc no recs or email. add me on .2 pures for sale decent!!Selling both accounts because ive just made a new one and want only this one bored of the others. no recoveries or emails on either. i will not be going first and if you want mm you can find and pay fees. (DO NOT TRY AND EVEN MAKE IT HAPPEN). Starting bids on both 10m each. happy bidding. : [email protected] 1st acc no recs or email. Uploaded with ImageShack.usThe Foe Scammed Me For 50mcσnnσя shits0n says hey there Boom! says hey man you able give 50m cσnnσя shits0n says i dnt think i said 50m haha Boom! says look at the post cσnnσя shits0n says u said in that comment and i was like mmh didnt say that lol Boom! says on the thread cσnnσя shits0n says link please i closed everything and fkin not poppin up Boom! says k sec cσnnσя shits0n says soz ;s Boom! says sythe is laggy for me cσnnσя shits0n says Ohhk im new to this Boom! says Yhyh i saw you're a newcomer sythe/showthread.php?t=12565907 cσnnσя shits0n says cant go on that? can u gimme the link for ur acc like Boom! says sythe/showthread.php?t=1256590 cσnnσя shits0n says the threat u made Boom! says there and look at your post before ill give u 50m cσnnσя shits0n says must of did wrong keys lol can i offer some rsgp and u can sell the gp ? 35m? pm if so. thanks! Boom! says ah ok i need atleast 50m dude im afraid thats 25$ cσnnσя shits0n says u no 44m is 28dollars Boom! says nah 22$ cσnnσя shits0n says ;9 u got or something? Boom! says yh cσnnσя shits0n says would u be able to share screen so i can like look @ the acc if u dnt mind ofc. Boom! says look at pics or ill meet u in game cσnnσя shits0n says r u member on it or f2p Boom! says Membership was added the other day cσnnσя shits0n says O. Boom! says so i could sell it quicker cσnnσя shits0n says ill go on World? Boom! says u choose cσnnσя shits0n says w56 ge? Boom! says lumby cσnnσя shits0n says ok ;p Boom! says The name is iTempzz name? cσnnσя shits0n says Boom! says im there cσnnσя shits0n says ur lvl 63 Boom! says yh 1defpure cσnnσя shits0n says very nice the 1 on the website? Boom! says yh cσnnσя shits0n says still got the firecape ghostly etc? Boom! says yh come bank cσnnσя shits0n says first time buying an acc i failed my last pure so i just gave up Boom! says u see cσnnσя shits0n says wow cool umm cause like u can easily hack it back and atm i looked @ a gmaul pure with a firecape lvl 62 for 25m Boom! says I quit a while back I got 7 legit vouches Im no scammer i just need money to buy coins on fifa 12 cσnnσя shits0n says O i see Boom! says i sold my 138 what 99s u got cσnnσя shits0n says crapy 1s ;p Boom! says cσnnσя shits0n says umm ill buy ;p Boom! says 50m? cσnnσя shits0n says fine ;p il lgo sell my shards Boom! says ill need change the ps3 pass and log off ps3 cσnnσя shits0n says ps3? r u on ps3? Boom! says yh haha im going change pw now I sold my green phat a while ago for 600$ cσnnσя shits0n says WOW! Boom! says much u worth and ive changed pw cσnnσя shits0n says not much ;s Boom! says ready cσnnσя shits0n says Wat i do? u got a mic? Boom! says I did but broke and my laptop one dont work And ill come on my other account get 50m, you will then recieve login and pw once u changed everything and that ill give u notepad with all info on cσnnσя shits0n says Ok Boom! says change w11 and come lumby thats where my lvl 3 is haha cσnnσя shits0n says Can i trade 30m first? cause im pretty scared lol Boom! says uhm i'd rather 50m for safety i got legit vouches from past trades ive been safe with 100m cσnnσя shits0n says but a newby Boom! says and i don't play anymore so i have no need to scam and ruin my rep cσnnσя shits0n says k here Boom! says ok im called fouled cσnnσя shits0n says sec Boom! says thats me ok I had the money picture but saved over, FK!! THE : THE TRADE :♥[Paypal]♥ Selling Epic 1Def Pure // Fcape// Addies// Fully Quested. ♥[PP] ( 1 2)Hello Everyone! ^-^~ I am fairly new to Sythe, so I have only 5 vouches. anyways, I'm here today to sell you an account. The account is 1 Def Pure. It has 73 Mage, 75 Range, 43 Pray, 60 attk, 67 str, 1Defense The Account is Fully quested with DT, MM Done. Done RFD for Addies, bearmask, avas is also complete I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU'RE TRUSTED Either you go first, or we use an OMM/MM (Fees on you) Upon Purchase, I will provide ALL Info! (Recovs, Old Passwords, Creation Date, ISP, etc.) Pictures of account I cant delete recovs! will do recov test. I will also Set your email to yours upon purchase. and a recovery test can be used. ______________________________________________ I am accepting payments of only Paypal Post offers below or PM me. [: ______________________________________________ A/W: Dunno Current Bid: None
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