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    Level 64 - 99 str/ 91 rng/ 40 att/ 62 hp / 31 prayBefore i get into the info of the account. If you dont deem me trustworthy enough or think im going to scam you because i have no vouches. You can stop reading right now for i wouldnt want you to waste your time and mine. I will not go first under any circumstances. If you have a problem with it than we can get MMO at your cost. I will accept only rsgp. Upon purchasing the account. You will receive all the infos on the account. Which includes: -Account information -Membership information -Creation information AW - 150mil -----Updated----- Now with 93 range. Combat level is 65. With 66 constitution.70-99-1 Pure! Post Offers! RSGP/PPsoldddddddddddSelling rune pure with 81 mining! 2m!!!!!!PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED!!! I'm selling this account of mine. it's a rune pure but needs a bit work. it also has 81 mining! only 2m or best offer. Also has the 100kill wildy helm with about 180 kills on it.Level 88+4 Berserker Pure | 88 Dungeoneering | 85 Herblore | BGloves | And More! RSGP[RSGP Only] I WILL be willing to go first since I am new and need to build up vouches, or use a Middle Man. AUTO WIN: 65m RSGP! So I'm relatively new to Sythe, and I want to sell this great Zerker with 234k Tokens aswell as a Chaotic Crossbow, It has 85 Herblore (Extreme Attacks/Strengths and Super Antifires) It was fully Quested to 45 Defence and has 183 Quest Points It has 301 M.A rank (Imbued Rings and currently already has Dragonstone Imbued.) It has FULL Armadyl, Guthix, Ancient books. Aswell as having full Void with Deflector and Torso. Has never been botted, banned, muted and I am the full owner[Swap][RSGP] Level 89, 99 mage, 99 Fish. 19M !!! [Swap][RSGP]im not new to sythe my old accounts were called iSm0k3 Pk death .... so im starting fresh now, with more accounts coming back for sale ! ok so my first account is a pretty nice account, take a look at pictures for info... A/W - OFFER ok so please post your offers below or add me on , i accept rsgp and swaps please add me on : [email protected] cheersSelling AGS Pure! 99 Range/99 Mage/84 Herblore, 100% Quested!I've decided to sell my pure to get money for my main, the pure is a very good account, and perfect if you're looking for a cheap pure. Current Bid: 0 A/W: 50M Pictures: : [email protected] : ryanhurdurSELLING ZERK PURE[Cb 83] 99 Mage and 99 firemaking 80 dungeoneering! Has done dt! Pm or me for details : [email protected] Bid on the account Accepting rsgp and Paypal 25m starting[PayPal ONLY]I have this level 91 rs account that i don't play on anymore, here are some quick pictures: gyazo/7324e2be50a2cdca5c43c28dde7c96f6 gyazo/c277f7e78e2b6c64b699a582cdbbeeac The value of the RSGP and items is around 20$, and the account is worth about 30$, so i want around 50$, but i will go lower, and i will not go first, because the account doesn't have a pin, sorry. post here if interested, or add me on messenger: [email protected] Thanks!
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