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    2 pures 99 range and 93 str!!!Selling both accounts because ive just made a new one, no recoveries or emails on either. i will not be going first and if you want mm you can find and pay fees. (DO NOT TRY AND EVEN MAKE IT HAPPEN). Starting bids on both 10m each. happy bidding. **SAFE AND TRUSTED** Feel free to bid away. : [email protected] 1st acc no recs or email. 2nd acc no recs or email. add me on .Lvl 69 Rangehas 77 range, 40 attack, 55 strength, 43 prayer, 40 defense, and 67 health. post if u are interested not selling for much. rsgp only. offer upSelling 95range 90fish and 99wc pure![Swapto90+strobbymauler!]S/P Is 20m. Aw is 70m. Swapping to 90+ str obby mauler! [email protected] lvl 96 account. With total 1603.Found this when making space for pc. So it doesnt have any thing valuable, has alot of untradable members stuff too. Has 0 blackmarks and has never been muted. Has most of the quests done, except the newer ones from like 2010 and 2011. Anyway heres a pic. I would sell it right away for 10m.Account sell out! ( 1 2)Hello Sythe i've still have a few account's to sell after i've quitted on my main and lost all my gold!! you're welcome to contact people on my vouches if you wan't to know if im'a "scammer" or not.. i will only be accepting paypal or RSGP i'm willing to go first if you're trusted otherwise mm used at you're fees. Contact : [email protected] : pr01337niko i prefter to contact me cus im only online @ when doing trades . 45 Defence zerker - defence questes comepleted for barrow gloves 2 Defence Pure Really nice re-setted pure with 10 defence rune gloves, can gets barrow @ 22 defence. and turmoil + barrow gloves @ 32 defence. Defence questes comepleted. Dragon slayer - heroes - holy grail - natures spirit F2P Gravite 2h purelooking for 99 dungI will go first only to trusted and donaters, looking for an account with 99 ding other skills don't matter.80 Combat, 1 Deffence Hybrid | SICK STATS + Quested [Vouched]Hey guys, I'd like to bring you a new pure that I've recently come up with! Pure is 80+1 Combat Level, with firecape + around 30m - 40m Wealth that I've Pked myself! This pure has never been Botted, all legit pain in the love you training! VOUCHES sythe/showthread.php?t=1082912 POST YOUR OFFER + IN THE THREAD BELLOW Happy Bidding! A/W - Not Set Bid - Not Set[RSGP] Selling a SICK 60 attack pure !!MUST SEE!! 99 Range, 99 Thiev + more! [RSGP]RSGP ONLY, offers up
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