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    < Level 74 For Sale ! > 80Att 80Dung 94Mage 1Def > 25M bank > No Recovery Questions! ( 1 2)Hey all, Selling my level 74 one-defence pure. Account comes with 25m bank and chaotic maul. prefferably looking for rsgp, no swaps. LEADING OFFER : 75M (Cakey Bakey) A/W = 100M (Actually 75M, since the account comes with a 25M bank .. ) Happy bidding ![SWAP]99 range pure[RSGP]as the title says im looking for a swap for my 99 range pure and also rsgp plus a price check if possible the account is also a animal in the wildy{free} Sick Pure With Fire Cape {free}GONE!▐ ✓Cheap★▐ Level 131 w/Turm Ovl's 85 DUNG▐ ✓Safe★▐CURRENT BID - Quote: Originally Posted by Bizzle UK Ill offer $15 PayPal = 30M RSGP. AUTOWIN - 65M! Selling this zerker account. It's got an email and recoveries atm. I'm taking the email off but I will tell you the recoveries. Or can simply delete if you please. It's got just under a month of members left. I'll provide all information I know and I'm the original account owner, so that's everything apart from personal details And questions? Just ask!Taking anything for this guy! AUCTION! no RESERVE! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)LOOKING FOR WHATEVER !! Its done acientz but im quitting since its got 3 defence!!! If u dont mind then can work on it got acientz done few quests!!! so plzzz just bid below take highest bid within 2 hours !!! could be 1gp to whatever START BIDDING GOODLUCK![Buying] A pure for 200mHello guys I'm spending 200m today on whatever amazing pure shows up. The account must have NO EMAIL , NO RECOVERYS Must pass a recovery test. I will recieve all information. Please add [email protected] If you have a pure with these stats. Reqs: 80- attack 80+ strength 30- defence (Quested) must have turmoil if 30 defence 80+ range 94+ magic Bonuses: 80 dung+ dung with token s or a chaotic Extremes 70+ summoning Addy gloves95 WC ACC [Taking best price]Takin best price for this account, dont care how low it is, just want to get rid of it. Email can easily be removed on purchase, ill use an MM, ill take anything forthis accSpending 13 Mil On Accountlooking to spend 13 on a account and would like a pure. dont mind if its a f2p or a p2p let me know guy and im knew to sythe but dont think you can take advantage of this because im not stupid so i dont wan anytime wasters. you go first or you pay for a vmm which im happy do to post below and my is [email protected]
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