Looking to trade WoW account for Rift.

Discussion in 'Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Rift, 10/1/13.

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    Account has many toons spread out across server, most of them low level. Main ones are all one server: Undeadslayer lvl 85 mage - Ilvl357 pvp oriented Kien lvl 72 rogue covered in lvl 70 raid gear from bt and sunwell/etc. Some other toons ranging from 71,60s/50s Mage has over 70 mounts, decent gear, lots of old toys. Guild toon with bank(and kickass tabard ) full of various goods and mats. Including a couple enchanted elementium bars and an orb of deception. Mage's profs are Tailoring/Jc both in the low 500s but the JC is enough to make easy money off the Auction House. Mounts include Brewfest-kodo, Netherays, Talbuks, Pvp mounts, Some of the argent mounts, all horde faction mounts, fossilized raptor, violet protodrake.
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