Selling  Android and iOS  Base Level 25  High End LOADED 25 base SX heroes Full BB Full tech Full buildings High skill levels Ready to migrate

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    I'm selling my mature level 25 base with full development, full baneblade, high skill levels, and most heroes. The state has just completed Eden and is the base is ready to migrate. The base has completed all desirable buildng and basic technology upgrades.

    All details below are correct at the time of writing but I continue to play so may change a little.


    Migration cost is 8-11 tickets depending on state, and I have 11 tickets, so it is ready to migrate.

    It looks like it can migrate to states up to 599, but contact me if you have a specific state you would like me to check.


    All T10 unlocked.

    Parts: baneblade (full set), vehicles (3 full gold sets), fighters (1 full gold set), shooters (1 full gold set).

    Farming parts: 6 gold farming parts + purples and blues for the rest (5 complete sets)

    Heroes (20m power)

    Vehicle: Death Rider (8/8), Heaven’s Redemption (8/8), Organic (7/8), Huntress (7/8), Vanguard (8/8), Countdown (8/8), Crusher (7/8), Ivanov (7/8) Anastasia (8/8), Farseer (6/8), Panther (6/8),

    Fighter: Canoness (8/8), Scarlet Siren (8/8), Sven (8/8) Tech Priestess (7/8)

    Shooter: Valkyrie (8/8), Predator (6/8), Nomad (6/8)

    Other heroes I don’t use:

    SX: Lust (+1 medal), Retrograder, Prophet, Glutton (+1 medal), Kamikaze, Koschei (+1 medal), Iron Sentinel, Betrayed (+1 medal), Hunk (+1 medal), Patriot, Wanderer (+1 medal)

    S4: Commissar, Hummingbird (+1 medal), Caesar (+1 medal), Juggernaut (6/8), Venom Walker (+1 medal),

    S3: Wings of Liberty

    S2: Inquisitor, Viscount, Executioner, Knight

    S1: Janissary (+1 medal), Falcon (+1 medal), Light of the Past, Dragon’s Rage (+1 medal), Courageous

    + all standard heroes

    Development heroes - Enzo and Foreman bought and stationed, Marketeer, Frontline Medic, Pioneer, Master Marksman, Oil Tycoon, Alchemist, Chrome, Patriot, Taskmaster + all the basics.

    Tech (11m power)

    100% all basic tech

    Class APC, APC 1-4, fighter, shooter, vehicle, defensive queue, zone com, zone conflict, parts production 100%

    Elite military 95% and Master City Defense 92% (vehicles and fighters fully upgraded. Excludes some of the unreleased tech and a few remaining shooter techs for tech CoZ day)

    Cutting Edge – all three T10 unlocked. Vehicles down to bottom row (all units tech). CE spec points 28.

    Buildings (3m power)

    All buildings maxed except a few unimportant ones that are upgraded for CoZ building days: freezing missile is 15, shooter combat speed is 23, 1 energy cube building is 22, 4 power plants are 22-23, most houses are 24 (for optimal bank production).


    In the boxes I have 16G food, 16G fuel, 1G electricity, 11G wood, 8G iron, 5G cash.

    Resources haven’t been a problem for a long time, and I don’t even need to open the boxes.


    Doomsday speciality level 117 - highest in state!

    Siege master level 113 - highest in state!

    Cutting edge level 28.

    Items (correct at the time of writing, these fluctuate a lot as I earn a lot and spend a lot)

    1 rename item ready for your new life :)

    VIP 3 with all useful upgrades already purchased

    12 doomsday speciality resets

    300.000 doomsday coins (if the base isn’t purchased by 10.06, I will spend these before the doomsday shop closes)

    800 advanced and 75 random teleports

    1.300.000 diamonds

    120 super tickets, 6 designated legendary selection tickets, 360 advanced tickets, 1050 normal tickets.

    3.400 hero tokens

    25.000 war badges

    500.000 courage medals

    35.000 wisdom medals (there are also more than a thousand hero medals that can be split if required)

    820.000 energy cores, 45.000 super energy cores

    650.000 chips

    160.000 gene fragments

    300 helicopter refreshes

    450 100% and 100 50% CoZ score bonus cards

    90 doomsday honour bonus cards

    1000 doomsday special training orders

    11 migration tickets

    Approximately 5.500 hours of building speedups, 9.000 hours of tech speedup, 2.500 hours of training speedup, 400 hours of healing speedup and 2.000 hours of general purpose speedups.


    6 construction vehicles total (2 extra purchased)

    Base skins: Meow House (permanent), Luxury (permanent), Good Fortune (7 days), Spring Festival (30 days), Dragon Bone (30 days), Christmas Lodge (7 days)

    APC skins: Harvester, Express Train and Mole-Class Detector (all permanent)

    You can also take my 6 farms (mature resource production, levels 16-19). With these I have never run out of resources on my main, although my main base is now so strong I rarely even have to raid the farms.

    I don’t plan to get the account banned so I have been a little vague in the above. Please contact me on LINE with any questions or if you would like screenshots. My LINE ID is "Aloides".

    I am willing to hear sensible offers in the region of the asking price.

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    Anastasia is now 8/8 and I have added Lust