Level 99 Male Melee PK

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    Main Characters Server: world 9
    Main Characters Total Level: 1422
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): its got range equipment for 70 ranged, it has armour, and all the stuff to make 99 strength with
    Attack: 76
    Strength: 79
    Defense: 74
    Range: 67
    Prayer: 57
    Magic: 67
    Runecraft: 40
    Construction: 43
    Hit Points: 77
    Agility: 55
    Herblore: 47
    Thieving: 56
    Crafting: 56
    Fletching: 68
    Slayer: 43
    Hunter: 50
    Mining: 52
    Smithing: 57
    Fishing: 62
    Cooking: 66
    Firemaking: 62
    Woodcutting: 78
    Farming: 42
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Skills (Describe): i have no skills lower than lvl 10. alot of my skills are from quests so moany of them are pretty high.
    All Assets (Describe): i may not have much money but i do have some stuff on here worth a bit. couple dragonstone and stuff on here

    Additional Information
    the account has around 258 quest points for i was trying to make a cape for it.

    Total Gold
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Thread Status:
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