Level 94 Male Drakkin Monk on Bertoxxulous

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    Main Characters HP (Unbuffed): 60000
    Main Characters Mana (Unbuffed): 0
    Main Characters AC: 5000
    Main Characters AA Points: 2450
    Main Characters Epic: 1.5
    Main Characters Equipment Summarize: 5 - Near Perfect Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Full Cultural V.O.A, HoT Raid & Group Gear.
    Main Characters Magelo Profile: eq.magelo/profile/1929026
    All Clickable Items: Guise of the Predator (Raptor, LoN), Guise of the Deciever (Dark Elf), Fabled Ball of Golem Clay (Earth Elemental), Chestwraps of Enlightenment (AC/HP Buff), Fabled Journeyman's Boots (Run speed), Lucid Forcestruck Chestwraps (DPS Booster), Star of the Seer (Strength), Fabled Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring (Attack), Amulet of Necropotence (Skeleton), Dusty Soriz Worker Pouch (Summon Ammo), Bridal of the Flying Imperial Sokokar (Fastest Flying Mount in Game)
    All Veteran Rewards (Describe): Lesson on the Devoted, Chaotic Jester, Infusion of the Faithful
    All Keys (Describe): HoT T4 Group, HoT T4 Raid, VoA Alaran Language at 81
    All Flags (Describe): HoT T4 Group, HoT T4 Raid, VoA Alaran Language at 81 Trak Idol, Tower of Frozen Shadows, Palace Key (Vx Thal), Depths of Darkhollow - Mat Shyra Defeated
    All Tradeskills (Describe): n/a
    All Assets (Describe): house, about 500k in items to sell,
    Select the number of characters over Level 30:
    Alternate Characters Server: Bertoxxulous
    Alternate Characters Level: 51
    Alternate Characters Class: Warrior
    Alternate Characters HP: 4500
    Alternate Characters Mana: 0
    Alternate Characters AA Points: 0
    Alternate Characters AC: 2000
    Alternate Characters Equipment: full planar armor, epic 1.0, nice twink level 51 warrior.
    Alternate Characters Magelo/EQPlayers Profile: n/a
    Alternate Characters Equipment Summarize: 4 - Good Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Total Days Played On Account: 1200
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: All expansions

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