Level 90 Spy Human Male on Eclipse

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    Main Character Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: RARE Armor! Capped crafted BH armor with health mods on each piece (540 health on each piece). Health mods haven't dropped since pre-cu. Armor valued at around 400m. Completed kitted out with triple +35s on each piece Capped loot made weapons with baked in enhancers/augs and triple +35 stat attachments. Multiple weapons for many different professions as well due to crafter alt. All the important mustafar buffs including lair crystal. Plenty looted stims for each iof the base stats. a couple 60point pets all leveled up and BFF from when character used to be a BM.
    Elder Jedi?: No
    Faction: Rebel
    Respecs Available?: Yes
    How Many Alts?:
    Alternative Character Server: Eclipse
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Trader
    Expansions: All Expansions

    Additional Information
    Account also has millions of rare capped resources for crafting, worth upwards of 300-400m credits Account has TCG cards including 1 unclaimed loot card (tradable). many bags of loot, collection items, space loot, junk loot and over 100 power bits, mostly +35s. Lots of looted schematic and loot components for crafting. all the house storage collections completed on 1 character, giving 1 house 1200 storage. all set up with elite harvesters and power for mining also.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.