Level 90 Smuggler Bothan Male on Starsider

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    Main Character Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: full 35's most buffs *no treasure map buffs or TCG buffs* pups, weapons of all sorts each elemental, built in chest and weapon stuff, several capped weapons with augs/enhancers. 4 diff heroic sets, 3 for smuggler 1 general officers, many bf tokens, and all bf melee weapons, droids, gackle bat etc.
    Elder Jedi?: No
    Faction: Imperial
    Respecs Available?: Yes
    How Many Alts?:
    Alternative Character Server: Starsider
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Jedi
    Alternative Character Server: Bria
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Spy
    Expansions: all

    Additional Information
    NS arm band, all Lifeday holopets, jedi has all crystals minus the elder jedi crystals *B'nars and Kenobi's legacY* Does have sunriders, lava, windu etc. has both robes, has fully decorated house, tcg items, smugler has both village crystals, has 2 level 90 bff pets, a gackle bat and a angler, bat is 60pt and angler is like 59 or something points. house has tonssss of rares and other great stuff, even some bl's and plcs' and alum mineral, jetpack base and other parts, old village resources, pre nge pets in deed form, graul rancor pugoriss etc. i spent alot of time on this char and this account, jedi has many sabers 1 for each crystal, and good crystals all premium-ancient flawless. gackle bat familiars on both, house is fully deco'd with MANNYYY ITEMS! house is also bugged with over 2000 item spaces. Jedi has all 4 5 pc sets for jedi, smuggler has Scoundrel, Rouge, and Heroism, chuba fly holopet, old pre nge items in house aswell, blackwing crystals multiples of them. really think this account will be most nice for anyone. tons of people on fl and many are great people, tons of tokens in the box on my smuggler, for his is my baby char, and i did the best on him I could, my personal template is melee and hes built to the gill for melee. just about anything worthwhile is on him. along with scurrier pet and nuna, fan faire 08 painting aswell. and toxic peko peko mount in house. old NS crystal and Petrified avian egg, both glowing mystical orb and mystical orb. Ace Smuggler Pilot. I has meditate on smuggler, aswell as all but the sith 4/5 and jedi 4/5 wp holocrons in collections, has a server first on my old server scylla, has over 16k lifetime pvp kills is general still atm, I think my jedi is colonel imperial faction and rebel faction general badges, mannnny badges on both toons over 100 on each,

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