Level 90 Rogue Dark Elf Female on Tunare

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    Main Characters HP (Unbuffed): 29691
    Main Characters Mana (Unbuffed): 0
    Main Characters AC: 2909
    Main Characters AA Points: 1781
    Main Characters Epic: *None*
    Main Characters Equipment Summarize: 3 - Basic Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Has a lot of HoT group gear that isn't even registering because the account is currently on f2p status, with limited access.
    Main Characters Magelo Profile: eq.magelo/profile/1762604 is a meglo from lvl 88 with lesser AAs and lesser gear, but still shows a huge difference in stats.
    All Clickable Items: Savage Guard* ear 0 Geomantra II* ear 0 Geomantra II* neck 0 Absorbing Agent* primary 0 Taelosian Guard* fingers 0 Unliving Ward* waist 0 Summon Throwing Dagger* head 4 Illusion: Ancient Iksar* face 0 Familiar: Hooded Scrykin* shoulder 14 Portal of Crescent Reach* arms 15 Fellowship Calling* back 10 Brell's Rest Gate* wrist 7 Illusion: Skeleton* shoulder 3 Illusion: Primal Kerran* arms 0 Artisan Satchel* neck 6 * Works indoor. Skills Effects ear neck, primary face wasit shoulder. too many to remember
    All Veteran Rewards (Describe): chaotic jester, exedient recovery, infusion fo the faithful, steadfast servant, lesson of the devoted, harmonic dissonance
    All Keys (Describe):
    All Flags (Describe): misc flags for anything after SoD
    All Tradeskills (Describe): alchemy maxed with trophy
    All Assets (Describe): tailored legendary bags with 100 WR
    Select the number of characters over Level 30:
    Alternate Characters Server: Tunare
    Alternate Characters Level: 65
    Alternate Characters Class: Magician
    Alternate Characters HP: 5000
    Alternate Characters Mana: 5000
    Alternate Characters AA Points: 50
    Alternate Characters AC: 3000
    Alternate Characters Equipment: next to nothing
    Alternate Characters Magelo/EQPlayers Profile:
    Alternate Characters Equipment Summarize: 1 - Stripped
    Total Days Played On Account: 46
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: through HoT

    Additional Information
    Would like a more personalized qoute as half her gear is not registering correctly due to the limited f2p access.

    Total Platinum
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