Level 90 Jedi Zabrak Male on Radiant

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    Main Character Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: with jinsu razor lightsaber max experimented and some Lightsabers pre-cu. with village crystal tunned. with khayysyk crystal (looted from N-K "Necrosis") tunned too. with best cloaks and robes (elder too).
    Elder Jedi?: Yes
    Faction: Rebel
    Respecs Available?: Yes
    How Many Alts?:
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
    1x Commando Elder (lvl 90) on RADIANT 1x Trader structures (lvl 90) on RADIANT There is some others chars in FarStar and others servers, but i can't remember if they have +50lvl Vehicles: some pets (pre-cu): bantha, dewback, bageraset... 1x rebel barc speeder. 2x AT-RT. 1x AV-21. 1x bounty hunter jetpack. 1x jawa landspeeder. 1x lava skiff. Rare objects: A lot of veteran rewards and rare furniture in some houses (waypoint on the datapad). Rare and no longer obtainable items. 2x Aurilian sculture fragments. Misc: Pups/buffs on All Toons

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.