Level 90 Jedi Transdoshan Male on Sunrunner

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    Main Character Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: Has best equipment for Jedi available in the game. Has a 1318 dps light saber, best overall in any server. has about 50mill in credits, some rare vehicles. Though not elder jedi, it is an elder account created on day 1 since swg was released. Has both village buff crystals as well as all available stackable buffs in game. I will not lie, I did a decent amount of pvp on the server with this char and it has earned a reputation.
    Elder Jedi?: No
    Faction: Imperial
    Respecs Available?: Yes
    How Many Alts?:
    Alternative Character Server: Sunrunner
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Trader
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
    This character also has 3 kits available to recreate the 1318dps saber. I was waiting for a new hilt to come out that dealt more damage and use these resources to still be able to have the best weapon available. These resources were attained by a person who did many transfers to other servers to bring back the best resources in the game. My asking price is nearly a talking point but I would like to see something in this area.

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