Level 90 Commando Human Male on Bloodfin

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    Main Character Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: Gear: Full snowtrooper (11 piece bonus) frontsman (5 piece bonus) and juggernaut (5 piece bonus). All armor modded with +35s block based suit. My block value is over 1100 and the block chance percentage with my powerups is 44%. My exotics include the rare devastation mods which would cost you 50 million a bit, on all 3 of my exotic clothings. Weapons: New Cold Heavy (CR-1) Base DPS 1990 Fully modded (Devastation/Crit Defense/Block Chance/29 Crit/248 Health) I also have cold flamethrower, fire flamethrower, lava cannon, shotgun, imperial commendation heavy rifle, rocket launcher, acid cannon, particle beam cannon all of these have augs/enhancements and high base DPS. Appearance gear: Access to spec-ops armor, Forest camo scout, mix of spec ops w/katarn armor (looks really good similar to ARC trooper I worked hard on this) Space: Rare V-Wing fighter from TCG w/high 90% parts all amazing pvp ship! I also have a TIE Oppressor loaded out with capped missle launchers from the Shadowfire server made by an excellent crafter I used to know. And of course, I am an ace Imperial Pilot. Buffs: ALL GCW, mustafar injector, 2 factory crates of capped heaven's breath, vita-caps, 2 sets of block powerups, 5piece/11piece, captain flag, biological focus crystal (3 hour buff. rare and extict from the game), IG-88 Head, hoth radio, Rare Nova crystal, defense/offensive burst and shard of serpent. Vehicles: Imperial Command BARC, Rebel Command BARC, Light bending BARC and normal BARC. Collections/Badges: Master Commando (Only profession I take a high amount of pride in this to show those n00b commando's that I don't have to respec.) storm squadron ace pilot. All GCW badges, all event badges (besides the pre-CU ones) Various Slayers. Most mustafar/kashyyyk content badges. All exploration badges. And many others (over 125 total) Houses: 3 storage houses full of statted loot, junk loot, treasure map goodies, +35s, random old gear. Last but not least, MY DINER, one of my very most prized possessions. The interior is partially re-designed by crafted bookcases, vip room in back vendor desk next to it with windows, imperial banners, various rare paintings (episode 1-5 paintings), life day rarities, dining tables in front, reserve section in back, 2 serving droids, greeters that interact with eachother by the vendor desk, and a small stage area with various instruments. Screenshots soon to come. Misc: Over 50 million credits,a bank full of items, /getvet 1000+ days, lifetime PVP kills 7000+, Rebel AND Imperial GCW General highest rank reached. - Side note: I take a high amount of pride in this toon. I have the BEST of the best gear and it has worked for me for a very long time. I could not be any more pleased with what I have done with this toon and feel I have reached 100% completion in the game. The only reason price checking is so I know it's value when it comes time to sell it. Anyone who plays this toon will be able to dive right into pvp without having to worry about maintaining gear or trying to get "the better stuff". I feel I may be missing things I should have put in there so go ahead and ask if I have it.
    Elder Jedi?: No
    Faction: Imperial
    Respecs Available?: Yes
    How Many Alts?:
    Alternative Character Server: Bloodfin
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Jedi
    Is there Playtime Remaining on the Account? (Actively Subscribed): Yes
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
    JEDI ALT: Faction: Imperial Profession: Light side Jedi Server: Bloodfin Gear: Shatterpoint cloak w/belt of bodo baas. Fully modded suit with +35s and defensive exotics. Power-ups included. 5 Piece Saber Duelist set Weapon: 2H Saber Type 12 99% W/Ancient Flawless, 2 standard flawless, 2 premium pearls. Fully modded and has Bondara's Folly color crystal. Space: No. Buffs: Cloak/Belt buff, LS jedi focus, musti injector, factory crates of parry chance food, power-ups. Offensive burst, shard of serpent. Vehicles: Factory crates of swoops, AT-RT Collections/badges: Professions jedi, medic, commando, officer, bounty hunter. Cloak Collection done. Crystal fragments done. Various slayer/content/exploration badges. Houses: Open lots. Misc: 4000+ pvp kills, bank items w/ armors. Rebel crusader schems (bio'd to this toon in case he goes rebel and another profession) Side note: Not much to say about this one, he's my alt, has great jedi gear, good saber with good pearls, and a rare color crystal. This toon is a well-rounded jedi and is excellent for grinding.

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