Level 90 Bounty Hunter Human Male on Starsider

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    Main Character Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Equipment: - Full suit of Mandalorian Armor minus Gloves. - Capped Attachments on Every piece of Armor/Shirt. - Several High-End Weapons with Attachments. - 2 Heroic Jewelery Sets - Various Buff Items
    Elder Jedi?: No
    Faction: Imperial
    Respecs Available?: No
    How Many Alts?:
    Alternative Character Server: Starsider
    Alternate Character Level: 90
    Alternate Character Profession: Jedi
    Is there Playtime Remaining on the Account? (Actively Subscribed): Yes
    Expansions: All of them

    Additional Information
    Level 90 Jedi Alt is fully geared out with end-game robes/lightsabers as well. Several rare crystals including Sunrider's Destiny and B'nars Sacrafice. 1 Heroic Jewlery Set on Alt. Bunker house full of rare/extinct items adding up in worth from 500 million-1 billion+. Several rare vehicles including Sith Speeder, Podracer, and Flash Speeder. Main character is an elder from Pre-CU. Account has 2075 days logged.

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