Level 85 Male Wood Elf Warrior on Luclin

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    AA Points: 3500
    Veteran AA Points: 5
    LDON Points: 2000
    Flag/Key List: flagged for all current and previous content
    Epic: Epic 2.0
    Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: Yes
    Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: max tower hard gear with 5 max weapons
    Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    How Many Alts over Level 50?:
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
    All expansions, Highest level max gear, max living legacy augs, Two additional accounts including. One with max tradeskills in all-85 Cleric, and another with mage on account used for triggering instances-80+ mage. In the top 15 for hp serverwide and with augment swapping that I already have could easily be in the top ten. Highest AC warrior available. Flagged for beta and pre-release Underfoot. You want the best here it is. I am quitting my addiction after many years to focus on my new family and baby.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.