Level 85 Male Troll Shadow Knight on Drinal

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    AA Points: 636
    Veteran AA Points: 7
    LDON Points: 5
    Tradeskills: All languages max
    Flag/Key List: MM key, Crystallos key, Void E, korafax flag.
    Epic: Epic 2.0
    Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: Yes
    Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: eq.magelo/profile/1429519
    Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Characters Server: Drinal
    Characters Level:
    Characters Class: Shadowknight
    Describe One Characters Equipment: Iskar mask, Pre nerf circlet of shadow, Pre nerf guise of deciever, many many other illusions. Original Rubicite breastplate for collector purposes. Full T5 groupable with all 25+ ac augs mostly 30+ this char is a solid tank. Fabled slow, avatar, tashani, knockback weapon procs (willsapper ancient pris jman) over 100% self haste with clicks, array of the best 2h and 1h weapons available. Manaregen, hp regen, self dmg shield clickys get dmg shield over 100 self buffed.
    How Many Alts over Level 50?:
    Alternate Character Server: Drinal
    Alternate Character Level: 59
    Alternate Character Class: Necromancer
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.