Level 85 Male Drakkin Monk on Quellious

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    AA Points: 3900
    Veteran AA Points: 3
    LDON Points: 1400
    Tradeskills: none
    Flag/Key List: All
    Epic: Epic 2.0
    Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: Yes
    Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: eq.magelo/characters.jspa
    Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Characters Server: Cazic-Thule
    Characters Level: 80
    Characters Class: Mage
    Describe One Characters Equipment: he's lvl 85 actually a 400 - 500aa, nice group tier gear from latest expac, epic 2.0, etc etc. eq.magelo/profile/1421159
    How Many Alts over Level 50?:
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: all

    Additional Information
    my characters are great, my main (monk) was in one of the top 10 guilds in the world and has some tower and other high end raiding gear. I also have 2 other accounts an 82 nicely decked out from last xpac druid (female woodelf) with all xpacs now and 12 year veteran aa!..and a 85 shaman with all spells to lvl all xpacs and 2k aa. female barbarian. nice gear including osme raiding gear from last xpac and tier gear from this xpac....id sell all 3 accounts for $1500

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.