Level 85 Female High Elf Magician on Bertoxxulous

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    AA Points: 470
    Veteran AA Points: 11
    LDON Points:
    Flag/Key List:
    Epic: Epic 2.0
    Do You Have Magelo or EQ Player Profile: Yes
    Magelo or EQPlayer Profile Link: eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=438086993136
    Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: 4 - Good Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    How Many Alts over Level 50?:
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: All

    Additional Information
    She is well geared, 18khp, 22kmana..owns her 2.0, crystallos or better geared. She has all her veteran aa's, and her normal aa's are all well placed to complement her class. She is flagged for just about everything up to crystallos. This means all the expansions before crystallos, and everything up to crystallos in its respective expansion. She owns about all her 76-80 rk iii spells, and most 81-85 rk ii spells. She has at minimum rk i of every other skill. Some bonuses she has are Visages from LoN including the Banshee and Queen Pyrolin items. She also owns the War Horse and the Black Panther Mount. She Belong to Bertox, which is a normal server, not roleplaying or pvp. I am the original owner, and can provide any information necessary. She also owns the title "Champion Of Norrath" Current account entitlement: Entitlement: Base Game Entitlement: Depths of Darkhollow Entitlement: Dragons of Norrath Entitlement: Gates of Discord Entitlement: Legacy of Ykesha Entitlement: Lost Dungeons of Norrath Entitlement: Omens of War Entitlement: Planes of Power Entitlement: Prophecy of Ro Entitlement: Ruins of Kunark Entitlement: Scars of Velious Entitlement: Secrets of Faydwer Entitlement: Seeds of Destruction Entitlement: Shadows of Luclin Entitlement: The Buried Sea Entitlement: The Serpents Spine In-Game Item: Aviak Spirit Totem In-Game Item: Banshee Illusion In-Game Item: Booster Pack & Nimbus In-Game Item: Clockwork Boar In-Game Item: Darvual Crystal In-Game Item: Emerald Sokokar Familiar In-Game Item: Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin In-Game Item: Frozen Crystal Shard, Burning Crystal Shard In-Game Item: Gargoyle Tooth In-Game Item: Ornate Barding In-Game Item: Pyrilen Illusion In-Game Item: Satchel of Abu-Kar In-Game Item: Satchel of Legacies Lost In-Game Item: Sceptre of Draconic Calling In-Game Item: Taelosian Morphemic Staff In-Game Item: Worg Mount In-game Item: EQ 10th Anniversary Cake LON item: Familiar of Queen Pyrilonis LON item: Title of the Champion of Norrath Puma mount
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