Level 80 White Knight Godly Equips and over 140m!

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    Just like the title says, Level 80 White Knight good stats as you can see in the pic and also has a level 6X Hunter and 5X Spearman. Hunter has NX Hair and eyes Spearman has NX Hair. I came from Nxon Killer, I forgot about this site and just singed up. =)

    I'm looking for PayPal Only. I'm a verified user for 7 years and 374 refs on eBay. Proof and can be provided if needed. I'm looking around the 80 bucks area...All my items and equips are a good 600M+ Which is actually pretty cheap sense your getting the high level accounts. There's only about 105m left so lowering the price.

    I will also except good Yu-Gi-OH cards. I'm playing it again due to the easy ways to make money from it. If you used to play yugioh and have old cards, I'm looking for Solemn Judgments and Mirror Forces...If your an update Yugioh player LMK what you have, thanks.

    Maple Glory Sword - +8 STR 96 att + 33 Acc 0 Slots

    Maple Shield - + 6 STR 12 W.ATT 0 slots

    Earrings - 8 Dex 0 slots

    Red Snowshoes - + 8 Acc + 15 Avoid +1 Speed 0 Slots

    Brown Work Gloves - 11 ATT 0 Slots

    PAC - 6 Dex 3 W.Att 0 Slots

    Blue Old Wisconsin - + 5 acc 0 slots ( was gonna get a Z-Helment Soon )

    Greeb Battle Road - + 4 Str +24 DEX +12 Acc +2 Speed 0 Slots

    All NX is like 1-2 weeks old only.

    I also just got 12 Gold Boxs with the rest of my NX, basically got jank but got 3 of the level 120 Pole Arms and a 6 luk 47 ATT Red Craven Clean.

    Any questions let me know thanks.

    OneLastHope added 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds later...

    Oh and the Server is Mardia and Full Info. =)

    add me

    Nice account. if i could find my old yugioh cards id so trade =P

    Lol, I need to get rid of this account. =/

    Add me on msn

    Only around 105m left pure mesos, lowered the price to around 80 bucks. =)

    You think you'd sell it for around 60-70$?

    Also, what's your msn? Lemme add you.

    Msn? or aim?

    list contacts please
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