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    """Warlock Destruction

    15 Epics FiresoulL80 - Ulduar (NORMAL) Igniter RodL80 - Ulduar (NORMAL) Plague IgniterL80 - Naxxramas (HEROIC) Conqueror's Deathbringer HoodL80 - Tier 8 Raid Set (Conqueror) Valorous Plagueheart ShoulderpadsL80 - Tier 7 Raid Set (Valorous) Conqueror's Deathbringer RobeL80 - Tier 8 Raid Set (Conqueror) Conqueror's Deathbringer GlovesL80 - Tier 8 Raid Set (Conqueror) Bone-Linked AmuletL80 - Naxxramas (NORMAL) Disguise of the KumihoL80 - Item Level 213 Runetouch WristwrapsEpic Belt of the DarkspeakerL80 - Ulduar (HEROIC) Boots of the ServantL80 - Ulduar (HEROIC) Band of Channeled MagicL80 - Item Level 213 Band of GuileL80 - Item Level 200 Eye of the BroodmotherL80 - Ulduar (NORMAL) 2 Rares"" "

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