Level 80 Tempest Of Set Stygians Female on Tyranny

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    Best Way To Sum Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Amazing Gear
    Select the number of alternative characters over level 30:
    Alternative Characters Server: Tyranny
    Alternative Characters Level: 66
    Alternative Characters Class: Assasin
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: This charcter does lots of damage fun class and greate charcter the gear on this guy is mostly lvl 50-66 blues and greens one epic dagger. Awaiting for him at lvl 80 there are 2 pices of tire 1 the l and hands saved in m ybank also at lvl 77 deathwhisper dagger and at 69 2 fleshripper daggers. This character ofcourse has a mount and good amount of gold.
    Describe Equipment: On my tempest of set i have great gear im going to list some of the gear. Empyral helm lvl 80 blue. Titanslayer cloack lvl 75 blue. Cloudcleaver bracers lvl 80 epic. Ring of insightful action lvl 80 epic. emarald croc-hide belt lvl 80 blue. Cloudcleaver l t1 epic. Respladent boots lvl 75 blue. Wicked heart lvl 75 book. Saintly protector lvl 50 epic. Cloudcleaver chest t1 lvl 80 epic. Cloudcleaver hands t1 lvl 80 epic. Aelfirths Tribute lvl 75 blue ring. Goremongers Armband lvl 80 blue. Recruits Potency lvl 70 blue necklace.

    Additional Information
    This accoutn is a very good account one of the best class on age of conan very well equiped and ready to battle or raid. Everyone loves me on the server and got great rep in a good guild. On this account there is the mamoth code activated so good fun mount to play with as a toy :).

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